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Weaver returns for Avatar 2 and 3

SigourneyWeaver.jpgIf you've seen Avatar (Filmstalker review) you would be questioning the title of this story, but at the same time you would be the very people understanding the title too. It's almost impossible not to give something away writing about this but I will try my best, indeed you've probably guessed something already, and I'm not helping any!

Sigourney Weaver has said she will return for a second and perhaps third Avatar, and she's heard the stories for the next two films from James Cameron.

According to Sigourney Weaver, James Cameron has already talked to her about the Avatar sequels, the plan for which is to film them back to back as soon as they can push the boundaries of technology to meet what Cameron wants to do on the films, and that could be years away yet.

However the plan is there and the desire is there, and with Cameron leading I really don't think there's any doubt that the desire will turn into a production is there?

Speaking through Coming Soon and the BBC Weaver said that Cameron had told her the stories for the next two films and she thinks they are wonderful and confirmed that she will return for the films.

Of course if you have seen the first one you'll be wondering how she can return for the sequels, but then if you think back to the story itself then you'll probably realise how they could bring her back.

Okay, I'm going into potential spoiler territory if you haven't seen Avatar (Filmstalker review) yet, and I can't help it in this one. So if you haven't seen the film, leave now.

Right, you away? Okay the rest of us can keep going.

So there's no surprise for the ones left reading that Sigourney Weaver's character didn't make it through the entire film, wounded in the huge battle the Na'vi try to save her by transferring her consciousness to another body but it just doesn't work, she's too far gone.

Yet we're also told that there are sacred places on the planet where the souls of their dead reside. Now we don't really understand much more of that but when we see the death of Weaver's character, if I remember rightly that is, there are plenty of suggestions to the fact that she is joining these souls, becoming part of the planet and part of the trees. Remember this is a fundamental core of the society and the main reason that they couldn't destroy certain areas of the world.

I wonder if she is now part of this whole after-death eco-system and that is how we will see her return as Jake begins to connect more with the world he's joined and not just the people there.

Of course Cameron could take it back in time and do prequels, etc. but I think that story is done now and we need to move forward, and that's the way I think it can move forward.

Now the problem is we have to wait. Avatar 2 and 3 will be a long way away yet.



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