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A new Battle of Britain film

BattleofBritain.jpgWhen I heard there was going to be a new Battle of Britain film I wasn't sure, after all the epic Battle of Britain is a superb recreation of events and is one of the greatest war films there is out there, and with Hollywood's desire to retell history through film and bolster on such things as 3D to take over the film, I'm really scared as to what they'd do with it.

Then I saw that they'd hired Robert Towne to write the screenplay for the film to tell the story of how the British Royal Air Force fended off the German Luftwaffe.

Robert Towne has written such films as The Parallax View, Chinatown, Shampoo, Heaven Can Wait, The Two Jakes, the first two Mission: Impossible films, and more. He's a talented writer of that there's no doubt, so could he deliver a new Battle of Britain film to rival the previous?

I think he could, as a writer, but as a finished Hollywood product I think we're going to see history remade, or heavily edited, as the encompassing story and the complexities of what did and didn't win the Battle of Britain are just too much for a modern day film.

It wasn't just the dogfights, and it wasn't just the Spitfires and their pilots, there was the work the Hurricanes and their pilots did, radar, mistakes on the German command, the bombing campaign, and so many more things that just won't make it into this film I'm sure.

Still, Towne is a good man to write it and as The Hollywood Reporter tells us he's doing it for Graham King who was inspired by the stories that his father told him of the World War II dogfights over London - dogfights over London?

King says of his father's story:

"My father lived in London and watched this spectacular dog fight over the city, so bringing this story of endurance and triumph to the big screen means a great deal to me"

Ah, so perhaps it's based on one. I have seen many World War II films, especially ones about the Battle of Britain, and I didn't think there was much aerial combat over London apart from RAF fighters shooting at German bombers.

Well if there's that kind of passion from the producer that has delivered so many strong films as he has perhaps we'll find that the film will be an accurate portrayal of events, perhaps we will find something to rival the original Battle of Britain.



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