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Angels Crest trailer emotionally strong

AngelsCrest.jpgThe opening for the Angels Crest trailer did just the right thing for me, as I watched the first few shots I found myself wondering what it was doing and why we were being shown the main character wondering off. I thought the trailer had it wrong, but I had it right. What comes next is a shocking moment that sets the tone well for the rest of the trailer.

That's the feeling that carries through the rest of this interesting trailer, but I think it loses focus in the latter stages, showing us actors and characters was where I felt I didn't know who was who, why they were they and what was happening. Except that opening idea keeps the film strong.

I hadn't heard of this film until now, and I wouldn't have looked at the trailer if the names Elizabeth McGovern, Jeremy Piven and Mira Sorvino hadn't popped up and made me take a closer look, and the rest of the cast is worthy of a look too - Thomas Dekker, Lynn Collins and Kate Walsh to name a few.

Angels Crest arrives on iTunes in November and cinemas the following month, which is a turn around and something that surprises me, which makes me think that the studio might not believe this will do well in cinemas. No wonder, the material looks rather emotionally tough.

The small working-class town of Angels Crest is a tight-knit community resting quietly in one of the vast and stunningly beautiful valleys of the Rocky Mountains. Ethan (Thomas Dekker), one of the town's residents, is a young father but not much more than a kid himself. He has no choice but to look after his three-year-old son Nate, since mom Cindy (Lynn Collins) is an alcoholic.

But one snowy day, Ethan's good intentions are thwarted by a moment of thoughtlessness, resulting in tragedy. A local prosecutor (Jeremy Piven) haunted by his past goes after Ethan, and the ensuing confusion and casting of blame begins to tear the town apart.

Directed by Gaby Dellal and Based on the novel by Leslie Schwartz, ANGELS CREST also stars Elizabeth McGovern, Joseph Morgan, Mira Sorvino and Kate Walsh.

You can see the trailer for Angels Crest over at Apple Trailers, and it is worth watching because it is rather emotionally powerful, at least in the first half. I wonder where the film is going to go and if Piven is going to get to deliver a strong performance.



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