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Another Happy Day trailer

AnotherHappyDay.jpgAnother Happy Day is one of those dysfunctional family dramas and so it didn't set me alight when I started watching it, but as it went on I was starting to get sold on it. The trailer makes it feel a bit more raw and hard hitting than ones we've seen before and there's a certain attractiveness to it.

This is also Sam Levinson's directorial debut of a script he wrote in under four weeks and won him the Waldo Salt Screenwriting award at Sundance, plus it stars Ellen Barkin, Thomas Haden Church, Demi Moore, Kate Bosworth, George Kennedy, Ellen Burstyn and Ezra Miller.

The blurb for Another Happy Day is a little uninspiring and does remind us of so many films that have been before, a family meet around a wedding and the secrets out, the family crumbles, there are problems and tragedies and I'm sure we come to some kind of resolution on the way for most people, good or bad.

However I get the feeling from the trailer that everything isn't going to work out just perfectly. It feels a little harder edged than most and there's the thought that something might just go wrong here.

This is the trailer for Another Happy Day through The Hollywood Reporter, it is MPAA red band which means there are a few swearing words which are likely to corrupt, pervert, and destroy civilisation as we know it.



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