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Another Princess Diana biographical film

PrincessDiana.jpgThere's another Princess Diana biographical film in the works although this one does not intend to be a straight to television or DVD one that we've seen before as it intends to carry a larger budget, and uses a few people who actually were a little closer to her than most to bring in some reality.

Still the "biographical film" is only going to cover two years of her life, and miss out some of the most interesting parts of her life story that most would want covered.

The film is being produced by Stephen Evans who has worked on other such films as Much Ado About Nothing, The Madness of King George, The Wings of the Dove and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, and apparently they have a US $50 million budget already set aside for the film.

The story from Screen Daily through The Guardian tells us that the film has hired Ken Wharfe, Diana's former head of private security, and Commander Patrick Jephson, her former private secretary, both will be providing authenticity to the events and the character, or as much as they knew.

The project has been underway for two years and crime novelist Philip Kerr is working on a script for the film.

There's no casting in place, but that's an interesting question, who could play the leading role? It certainly wouldn't be a leading Hollywood actress and I suspect we'll find a new talent or someone who hasn't broken Hollywood.

Why do I think that? Well I don't believe that this is going to be such a big film, even with a bigger budget. This is focussing on the time she was married to the Prince of Wales up to their divorce in 1996, but it will not venture into the territory of her relationship with Dodi al-Fayed and therefore not the events surrounding her death, or if they do they will be excluding a large chunk of what was happening in her life at the time.

It seems more a snapshot of her life, and not the snapshot that I think audiences really want to see. If anything a biographical film should be about more than a few years of someone's life and in this case it should start just before her arrival at Buckingham Palace for the first time and continue on to her untimely death. Isn't that the story the public want to see?

I'm not convinced, and the comments from the producer that are carried in the article don't help the case either when he describes Diana as...

"...a wagonload of monkeys but she was also an amazing, fascinating, ballsy woman...You don't often get a movie like this where you know, that if you can make it work, it is bomb proof."

I'm not sure about that last comment either. Really I'm not sure that this is the right Diana film that we want to see, surely it has to be about all of her life, and not just the Royal marriage which could so easily turn into an expose of the daily life of the Royal family.



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