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Another two Transformers? Another two Fast and Furious? Statham?

JasonStatham.jpgI'm at odds with this rumour since I just heard another one about two more Fast and Furious films back to back with the possibility of Jason Statham getting on board, and that sounds strangely familiar for while the story is out that Hasbro are talking to Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay about more Transformers films, there's a rumour that they're going to make two back to back and invite Statham for the ride.

Which is true? Could both be trying to make back to back films and get Statham on board? I'm not sure that these are separate rumours and perhaps there's just been a bit of confusion.

Just the other day I read that Universal are not just looking to make a sequel to Fast Five, they're looking to make two films, a sixth and a seventh that they will shoot back to back in Europe, further more they're looking to get Jason Statham on board as a new character.

Now when I heard that through Twitch I thought that it could well happen, Fast and Furious Five or Fast Five (Filmstalker review) was damn good and clearly marked a rise in the franchise. It's moved from an action film franchise to a pretty good heist film, and there's the promise of much more to come.

Then there's Transformers. While the quality of the films hasn't been so great they have been raking in the box office, particularly the last one, so why wouldn't they want another couple? However the risk is definitely greater on Transformers, the initial outlay on budgets will be far greater than Fast and Furious.

What really made me think that there's confusion between these two is the Jason Statham part, he wouldn't sign up to two back to back films on two franchises and he by far fits better in a Fast and Furious film doesn't he? Mind you, any new Transformers film is looking for a new star as Shia LaBeouf has moved on, so there's an opening.

To muddy the waters even more the Variety story talks about the Fast and Furious films being shot back to back, so maybe it's true for both franchises and perhaps, just maybe, Statham is being looked at for both.

The story, which is filled with rumours, suggests that Michael Bay is only a producer just now but is thinking of directing this one again. It also says that screenwriter Ehren Kruger has an idea for the instalments and that the studio is keen on them, but nobody has decided anything yet but they are looking for writers now. It also says that "sources close to the production" are mentioning Jason Statham.

When you think about it getting Statham on board would allow the Transformers films to grow up a little and maybe change direction, although I think a change of director would be called for to really do that and I'm not sure if the studio would take a chance on that just before heading into back to back big budget sequels.

So while I think we could say that both Transformers and Fast and Furious are looking to get the go ahead to film two sequels back to back, I'm not so sure that Jason Statham will do both. What would you peg him for?



I'd definitely peg him for Fast and Furious over Transformers. Like you said, he would fit better there.


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