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Bond 23 title, baddie and end location

JamesBond.jpgBond 23 is really moving forward. We have news that the lead baddie has been cast, a few snippets of information about the ending, and a rumoured title. Out of all this we can gleam that the production is moving forward and we're definitely going to see a Sam Mendes directed Bond with Daniel Craig returning, and that sounds good to the restructured and hungry for profits MGM.

Bond 23 - or is it Skyfall? - is set to be a great earner for MGM, and let's hope it's a really good one and veers more to Casino Royale (Filmstalker review) territory than Quantum of Solace (Filmstalker review). A small tip for you Mendes, start filming when the script is complete.

The news has been coming out over the last few weeks, the first being that the title is rumoured to be Skyfall - satellites and space no doubt.

Sam Mendes, the director of the film, has selected his baddie and the actor in question has confirmed it. Speaking to BBC Newsbeat Javier Bardem confirmed he's the man, and that he can say nothing about it, and he stays true to his word.

The Guardian has some news about the final filming location for the end sequences, and the good news for Scotland is it will be at Duntrune Castle in Argyll. Yes, that's Scotland.

Patricia Malcolm, wife of Robin who together own the castle, revealed a little too much:

"They are coming here at the end of February and are going to film for several days...

...They are using the castle - just the outside - it's going to be used for the end of the film...

...I think it is meant to be James Bond's ancestral home - he will bring all the villains here."

All the villains? To his ancestral home? Why on earth would he be doing that, and how many villains are there going to be? I would presume they mean Javier Bardem's character and his cronies.

She goes on to say that the production is bringing a vast amount of snow to make sure it looks all wintery, note she didn't say fake snow. She also said that this is where Bond is going to make a big stand, one which will end in a big bang or two:

"It looks as if they are going to construct the set and then blow it up...I think they are going to attack the castle from land and sea - there are going to a lot of bangs and explosions."

So Bond is going to be at his ancestral home when the villains come to get him, attack his home, destroy it, and perhaps sever the last ties he has to the person he was. Maybe this marks the end of the origin series of films, developing the character to the Bond we know from the past.

Whatever it is, I'm going to be watching it, we all will be. Even though Quantum of Solace was so poor, it won't stop us wanting to see more of Bond, and for me the draw is Daniel Craig and the ongoing development of the origins of the darker Bond.



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