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First person Heroes type film Chronicle gains trailer

Chronicle.jpgThere's a mix of genres going on in the Max Landis written and Josh Trank directed film Chronicle, and while most places seem intent on us not seeing it, as the trailer is pulled from YouTube and certain worldwide music related sites don't let anyone outside of America see it, it's still managing to make quite an impression.

Thankfully I've found a source for it, and if it keeps disappearing I'm sure I can find it abroad if it comes to that. Why am I so keen to trace it down? Well it looks like it has bags and bags of promise.

The effects aren't perfect, and at times you can see some of them a little too clearly, but what I do love about the film is that it probably is the way that three guys would behave if they discovered one day that they had super powers.

The blurb of Chronicle is simple. Three friends find something hidden underground and when they are exposed to it they gain some strange powers. However their personal problems start influencing the use of their powers and their relationship with each other, and it looks like one of them is headed in a very different direction to the others.

The trailer is rather clever too. Let's just leap into it and I'll talk about it afterwards. Here it is from MovieWeb through First Showing:

I like the way it begins with us not entirely clear what the three are up to, playing a few pranks on other people and filming them, typical delinquent behaviour, and then something more happens, their tricks step up a level and you hear them talking about what they can do, and you realise just what we're seeing.

It's at this point we see one of them take a step from playing spiteful pranks to something a little more harsh, and while the other two think it's well out of order it's not that far away from what they were doing, hurting people. Except it looks like one of them is set to take things further. Just as we get that menace, we're off to the beginning.

I really like the way the Chronicle trailer plays out and I do feel that this has great potential, what do you think? Sure it's following the Unbreakable or Heroes mold as so many series and films are just now, the normal people turned superheroes, but then there are so many ways to tell the story and they're working.

Josh Trank is directing and he previously directed episodes of the rather interesting The Kill Point, Max Landis has written the script who you could argue is getting forward a little with his name, but at the same time it looks like he's delivering, doesn't it?



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