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Goon trailer, fighting on the ice

Goon.jpgThe Goon trailer tells the story of the film which is about an ice hockey player hired purely for his fighting abilities, which I thought every team did, but then I have no knowledge of ice hockey nor any understanding why they would fight rather than play.

That said the trailer had me laughing at the end with the line about baseball, and strangely curious about the film for a number of reasons, those being Liev Schreiber, Seann William Scott and Kim Coates.

Plus there's the fact that I'm really not sure how Goon is going to be played. Looking at the trailer you could be mistaken for thinking that it was going to be all straight, but it is billed as a comedy, and yet the trailer moulds itself in the style of all good underdog sports stories. Except he's not playing sports, he's fighting.

I like that line in the trailer when the two fighters start taking their gear off ready for a head to head on the ice. It does suggest that the comedy isn't going to be the usual run of the mill Hollywood comedy.

I'm keen to see where Goon goes, and this trailer does look fun.



Your positive anticipation for this movie is refreshing - and will be rewarded as the film is a darn good little comedy. Fighting in hockey has been around since the game began. Because there is so much prolonged physical contact (unlike football where most plays are over in 10 seconds or less), there evolved a need for "policemen" or "enforcers" on the ice whose job was to protect the less-physical, more-skilled players during the long flow of the game. Think of it as being a freshman in high school - but with a big bruising brother who is a senior. With his fearsome shadow as protection, that freshman will be able to go into the gym locker room or bathroom without the fear of having his underwear stretched up over his head. That's what a goon does for his teammates on the ice.


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