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Halo film by Spielberg and DreamWorks in 2012?

Halo.jpgThere's a great rumour that's just appeared online, and how I wish it would turn out to be true, and I'm sure most of the Halo fans out there wish it were going to be true as well.

It goes like this; Halo is to be started next year by Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks. It also retracts the statement rather quickly, but why was the mistake made?

The press materials for a release of the Greg Bear Halo novel called Halo: Cryptum revealed something rather spectacular at the end:

A film adaptation is set in 2012. It will be conducted jointly by two heavyweights of American cinema: Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks.

Excitement galore, Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks on a new version of Halo, the French Halo fan site Halo.fr picked up the comment and Blastr fired out the story. Could it be true? If it were then it was hidden well from the film community and it would mean Spielberg was squeezing it into a very busy schedule, definitely not directing I would suggest but perhaps executive producing.

I was beginning to get excited, and the French site was being suitably down to Earth about the comment:

"...we must admit that this sentence ambiguity leaves us two options. Or the person who write the press was misinformed and reported an old rumor, or it made a mistake by announcing something that should not be."

That's the translation through Google Translate, and they even have a photocopy of the release, but then comes the downer. It's a mistake apparently.

"Update: Unfortunately, we were informed that this information was apparently a mistake on the part of the person who wrote the file. What the publisher said:

'Unfortunately, a film adaptation is currently scheduled for Halo. This is an error on our part.
I beg you to please accept our apologies.'"

Oh dear. Yet how could the publishers have made the mistake? Did they just fire out an old rumour? Well I would say not if it has 2012 in it, although there was a rumour back in August of 2009 that he was in negotiations to bring it to the big screen, something that Microsoft put a hold on while they decided to release another game, however they've done that, twice, and perhaps now the door is open.

So if it wasn't an old rumour what could it have been? Accidentally revealing something they shouldn't have?

It's certainly not a hoax, just a mistake, but was the mistake because they revealed too much? I'd love to think that it was a reveal but I think perhaps they've just messed up rumours with stories. Or have they?



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