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Monahan reveals The Departed sequel core

TheDeparted.jpgWilliam Monahan hasn't been approached to write the sequel for The Departed, but he has a damn good idea and is ready to forward with it. I guess the only problem is that no one is up for making it yet. Yet.

I think though as this idea of Monahan's starts to permeate people are going to pick up on it and I don't think it will be long before the studio are on the phone to him, after all what he's teasing already sounds exciting, but it's what's between the lines that really starts the fires burning.

Before I read what William Monahan had to say about the sequel, let's put some things in perspective. It's not getting made as nobody has picked it up. Since The Departed (Filmstalker review) was first released people have been asking about a potential sequel, fuelled by the fact that the film it took the idea from, Infernal Affairs, has had two sequels.

Also I feel I need to say, because I'm sure many of you are with me, there was no need to make a sequel to The Departed, and really there still is no need. The film is fantastic as it stands, I've watched it so many times already and even watched it consecutive nights on Freeview without even a flinch of concern that I'd just watched it the night before.

However after reading what Monahan has to say about his idea for The Departed and imagining what that might mean, I am excited and I now want to see it. Let's see if it has the same affect on you.

Speaking in an interview with Collider through JoBlo, William Monahan had this to say when asked about the possibility of the sequel:

"No. I think Warner Bros. would have liked to see a synopsis of it. I don't do synopses and I don't pitch. Personally, I don't know if it's ever going to happen."

He then talks about what the sequel would be, and here's the good bit.

"My idea actually is to set the film before, during and after the action of the first film, which I think would be extraordinary. If those guys want to cough up the dough, we can do it any time...

...Essentially, in the middle section of the thing I've intended, you'd see actions that take place during the original Departed, but aren't on screen in the original Departed. There would be off-screen things that occur at that point in the story. But it would work seamlessly as a movie of its own."

So the film is going to tell us other stories that weave through the stories we already know from the original The Departed and perhaps reveal new things about the existing characters we never knew from the original, revealing stories that we never even realised where happening.

I really love that aspect, and think about what the original was about and how the end played out, will we find that there are more people deep undercover? Will we find out the revelations about characters who had their own stunning revelations in the closing scenes?

I'm keen to find out what you think, but the way Monahan is talking about building the story around the one we know and delivering surprises for this film and ones that will change the original, I'm really excited. For a man who says that he doesn't pitch stories, he's just caught me with his pitch for The Departed II.

Now, how long will it be before he's approached by someone from Warner Bros. asking if he'll take a look at The Departed II? Probably just as long as it takes us to talk up the story enough.



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