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Mr. Ed the film, really?

MrEd.jpgSo there's going to be a film version of Mr. Ed, you know the talking horse film, and I can't help but wonder why. After all surely it will only appeal to American audiences as Mr. Ed really didn't become a great big hit elsewhere, did it?

The selling point so far with this Mr. Ed is that it's going to be live action with a CG mouth to do the talking, and I'm still sitting here wondering why.

Mr. Ed was a television show on CBS that ran from 1961 to 1966, the days when studios made series and stuck with them - I mean this is about a talking horse, and series filled with story rich possibilities, and no talking horses, are being dropped these days after a couple of episodes.

It feels like all it could do is deliver something like a Black Beauty film, or every other animal based adventure film out there, except this one will talk and be generally stupid.

Thinking more and more of it I just can't see where the film will do any better than the numerous other animal related films that have averaged out an audience in the cinema or just ended up going direct to home release. Isn't it a trimmed down Dr. Dolittle where we can only hear the one animal talk?

Even thinking about sixties television show adaptations, which seemed to be the latest thing that Hollywood studios were leaping on to develop for a while, they didn't do well at all, especially sitcom ones - remember Bewitched? Plus that one had a bit more of a story to it.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the film has some producers behind it and there's no writer or director attached. I'm guessing this isn't going to be going anywhere fast, and if it does it's not going to do well.

In fact, just as I was dropping this on the site it struck me, wasn't there an attempt to reboot the television series made a few years ago that failed miserably?



Yeah, who would go see this. It would be terrible probably.


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