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New Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol trailer

MI-GhostProtocol.jpgThere's a new scene packed trailer for Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol online, introduced by Brad Bird himself, and it looks damn good. We get a clear view of the set-up for the team and what they're up against, as well as some complex dynamics that are being teased within the team.

I think this looks fantastic from the word go, and I do hope the rest of the film plays out that way. It's hard to keep an eye on all that's going on in this trailer, but that's where Quicktime comes in.

The new trailer for Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol clearly sets out what the story is. The IMF team are on a mission in Russia, the Kremlin to be exact, that goes disastrously wrong. The team are set-up and while the Kremlin is the target they take the fall. The entire IMF are disavowed.

In the process the team themselves are targeted and only a handful of agents manage to get away, cue Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, Paula Patton and Ving Rhames, although there's little sign of Rhames and I wonder if he actually is in the team.

They have a clear mission, find out who is responsible for the Kremlin attack as Russia sees this as an act of war, and expose the truth, as quickly as possible. It would seem that there's a time on the mission too as we watch a missile launched from the sea and hurtling towards a land target, undoubtedly an attack on American soil.

However it doesn't look all plain sailing in the team as Cruise's character and Renner's character both have some secrets to hide from everyone else and look like they're going head to head. Is one of them involved in this massive plot?

The trailer for Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol looks fantastic and I'm excited as anything to be seeing this come to fruition, especially the way we had hoped for it to happen, not as a handover film, but as a true Mission: Impossible franchise film. I wonder how well Brad Bird has pulled it off?

Oh if only this series could keep going and going.

You can see the trailer right here or over at Yahoo Movies in high definition.

If you do walk through the trailer in Quicktime, you might notice something rather cool, Tom Cruise jumping over a Mini. Not the biggest stunt, but it's cool that it's all filmed wide as you like so you can see it.



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