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Shame trailer arouses

Shame.jpgThe trailer for Steve McQueen's upcoming film Shame does manage to stir the senses and arouse emotion, even if you aren't totally sure of the story it's telling, the actors and the feeling of events becoming bigger and darker around the characters is enough to swing you in the direction of the film.

The film tells the story of a man in his thirties, living in New York and struggling to control his sexual desires. His sister appears back in his life, moves in with him, and his world falls apart around him. According to the blurbs the film looks at the nature of need and desires affect us as human beings.

Sounds interesting, and the fact it has Michael Fassbender in the lead of a Steve McQueen film again must be as exciting as anything hinted at in the film, but then there's Carey Mulligan and the fact that it's written by McQueen, remember Hunger, and Abi Morgan who wrote Brick Lane, Sex Traffic and has written The Iron Lady.

The trailer for Shame comes from The Guardian through Trailer Addict and does look fantastic. This is a film you really do need to get in your diary, unfortunately we have to wait. 2nd of December (the day before my birthday) for USA, 7th for France, 13th January 2012 for the UK, 1st March for Germany and 15th March for the Netherlands. Remember these are liable to change, but it means we have to wait quite a while.

Mind you, considering the strength of the trailer and the names involved, I think it's worth the wait, don't you?



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