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Singer to restart Battlestar Galactica film?

BattlestarGalactica.jpgBack when we first heard the idea that Bryan Singer was to bring Battlestar Galactica to the big screen I was excited, I think many science fiction fans were, but the project faltered along the way. First the events of 9/11 stopped production and in the downtime the remade television series arrived which blew fans out of the water...or space, then other projects came along and it just faded away.

Until now. For Singer has been talking about the film and reveals that now another project that he was hoping to make is out of the way, Battlestar Galactica may well be on again, but will audiences want it?

The story is actually about the director's attempts to bring to life a new version of Excalibur, the story of King Arthur, Lancelot, Lady Guenevere, Merlin, and so on that was seen back in 1981 and directed by John Boorman with a fantastic cast behind it.

Bryan Singer had been planning for a long time to get his version made and he reveals that it got pushed to the side when another King Arthur related film arrived that was further ahead than his Excalibur project, and so that was that.

Singer says that the project is shelved, not totally dead, and so once this King Arthur story is made perhaps Warner Bros., or even another studio, might pick it up and want to see it brought to life.

Speaking through SFX, The Playlist and First Showing Singer says:

"Yeah, unfortunately it is no longer going to happen," he says. "I was really enthused to do it. I'm a fan of John Boorman's movie and it was my intention to get it going after Jack The Giant Killer was completed. The project was with Warner Bros and what happened is that another King Arthur project was brought to them during that time. Basically, it was just more ready to go into production than ours was. That is why our version of Excalibur ended up being negated. But, when that happened, it allowed me to go straight into developing Battlestar Galactica - which I think will be really exciting."

While the loss of Excalibur might be less than perfect, the news that he's back working on a Battlestar Galactica film is, well it was exciting but I'm not so sure now.

For those who have seen the remade television series the whole lore of Battlestar Galactica has been retold with a much more realistic set of characters and themes of politics, love, religion, and an altogether less comic look at what artificial awareness would mean as well as what it would really be like for people living on a ship for so long together. Then throw in a reworking of the story behind the universe and a core story running through the entire show that shatters your old beliefs of Cylons fighting humans and vice versa, and we have the new Battlestar Galactica television series.

So follow that Bryan Singer. I really don't know how he can. How can a Battlestar Galactica film be made now that the universe and lore has so fundamentally and powerfully been changed? The new series was fantastic and went from strength to strength, what would a film do?

Unfortunately Singer has no details for us as yet, but I'm struggling to work out how he's going to do it. Of course the fans of the recent television series aren't vast so they could ignore us and continue on with another remake, or they could take that into account and build a film from the series.

Which way would you want it to go?



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