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Spielberg talks Jurassic Park IV and Indiana Jones V

StevenSpielberg.jpgMost are all excited about the fact that Steven Spielberg has been commenting on the not so strong aspects of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Filmstalker Review), but for us that's not so breaking news, the part that has interested me in this story were the comments about Jurassic Park IV.

Yes he's offering some empathy for those who are unhappy with the previous Indiana Jones, but he offers no hope for the next one, nor if anything has actually changed that helped the previous one turn out the way it did.

George Lucas. He wrote it, and he decided on the alien storyline, something that Steven Spielberg admits he wasn't happy with himself and did try and get George Lucas to change it, but Lucas is the writer so that's how it is.

So what that Spielberg offered some consolation? He's not going to do anything about it admitting that it's Lucas' story and that the next film will be written by Lucas again.

Spielberg makes it quite clear through Empire and The Playlist:

"But I am loyal to my best friend. When he writes a story he believes in - even if I don't believe in it - I'm going to shoot the movie the way George envisaged it. I'll add my own touches, I'll bring my own cast in, I'll shoot the way I want to shoot it, but I will always defer to George as the storyteller of the Indy series. I will never fight him on that...

...George is in charge of breaking the stories. He's done it on all four movies. Whether I like the stories or not, George has broken all the stories. He is working on Indy V. We haven't gone to screenplay yet, but he's working on the story. I'll leave it to George to come up with a good story."

So he's only the director. Sure he admits the nuclear fridge was his idea but even then he makes a joke out of it:

"Blame me. Don't blame George. That was my silly idea. People stopped saying "jump the shark". They now say, "nuked the fridge". I'm proud of that. I'm glad I was able to bring that into popular culture."

Again, that's that. Tough. Not that I'm having a go at him and what could he really do? However we're not hearing that he's putting pressure on his friend and the series writer George Lucas to not do something so stupid next time.

So no assurances and Lucas could just do the same again, after all he's done it a few times with Star Wars, so why not again with Indiana Jones?

Anyway, the most interesting part of this story is the word on Jurassic Park IV, and it looks like we're going to get a new film in that series too, and Spielberg might well be at the head of that too.

"The screenplay is being written right now by Mark Protosevich. I'm hoping that will come out in the next couple of years. We have a good story. We have a better story for four than we had for three..."

That's really all we have right now, but I think its good news. Mark Protosevich is known for The Cell, I Am Legend (Filmstalker review) and the upcoming Oldboy (Filmstalker review) remake, so he's a well respected writer who can turn out a strong story, and with Spielberg saying that it's better than the previous means they must have a cracking idea for the genetically engineered dinosaurs.

Do you want to see another one though? Will it take something really new to grab your attention? For me it will, I don't want to just head back to the island and have it all happen again.



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