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Stalked: Asimov; Foundation; Reeves; Twilight Zone; Vaughn; Millar; Secret Service; Superior; Wachowski; Jupiter Ascending

Asimov's Foundation finds writer...

Matt Reeves for Twilight Zone...

Vaughn directing Millar's Secret Service or Superior...

Wachowski's next is Jupiter Ascending...

Asimov's Foundation finds writer...
Columbia Pictures has signed Dante Harper to adapt Isaac Asimov's science fiction trilogy Foundation for film. Asimov wrote a series of short stories around the universe he created, focussing on several worlds in the Galactic Empire and one human called Hari Seldon who used a skill called psychohistory to predict the future, a future that meant the fall of the Empire and so he was doing everything he could to protect human knowledge before that happened. The story from Deadline through Latino Review reminds us that Roland Emmerich is still up to direct, or rather he was in 2009 and nothing has changed since, maybe it will yet.

Matt Reeves for Twilight Zone...
Matt Reeves is currently in negotiations to direct the new version of The Twilight Zone according to Reuters, Deadline and The Wrap through Yahoo News (which gives no source links at all). Jason Rothenberg has written the script for the film which will not feature multiple directors, this will all be down to one, and that could well be Matt Reeves. He did a superb job on Cloverfield (Filmstalker review) and the Let Me In remake, The Twilight Zone sounds right up his street.

Vaughn directing Millar's Secret Service or Superior...
Matthew Vaughn is directing another story from Mark Millar, you know the comic book creator who was behind Wanted (Filmstalker review) and Kick-Ass and was widely knocked down for claiming there was more to come from his work including a Wanted sequel and more films of other projects. I'd say Millar now has the right to gloat for Vaughn is set to direct either Mark Millar's The Secret Service or Superior, according to The Hollywood Reporter through First Showing.

Wachowski's next is Jupiter Ascending...
Lana and Andy Wachowski are set to direct a new film from their original story, Jupiter Ascending. I say next but we've been hearing of next for some time and not actually seeing anything, and right now they're working on their next which is Cloud Atlas. I'd like to see a decent film from them post Matrix. Deadline has the news.



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