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The Silence (Das letzte Schweigen) International trailer

TheSilence.jpgAn international trailer for The Silence (Das letzte Schweigen) has arrived online, and I was excited to see it, but when I pressed play I was rather disappointed. Not by the film or what it promises, but by what the trailer delivered.

The film does look good, with a few names I recognise from some strong films, including Ulrich Thomsen, but while the new trailer does ramp up tension and deliver some strong visual moments, I don't think it does the promise of the film justice.

I wonder if they were trying to play on The Silence title and deliver something moody and emotional, unfortunately it hasn't worked too well and I can't help but think that they tried to put together all the non-speaking moments they could and deliver the film just with titles.

I do wish more of the story had come through the trailer, but it doesn't, and that leaves it up to the blurb below.

On a hot summer day, a bicycle is found in a wheat field and, nearby, the body of a young girl. The killer is never found.

23 years later, 13-year-old Sinikka is missing and the police are presented with a crime scene identical to the past. Convinced that history is repeating itself, a retired detective is determined that with the help of his young colleague David, he will track down the perpetrator. Spanning a week in the investigation and over long hot summer days, the simmering guilt and emotional fallout cause once intact worlds to fall apart.

A striking debut, The Silence follows on from European crime thrillers such as The Killing and Wallander as it delves into the pysche of detectives and criminals to deliver a chilling story of murder and betrayal.

Sounds good and considering the pedigree of thrillers that are coming from Europe once again, they're really coming back to the fore of the genre.

Here's the latest trailer for The Silence (Das letzte Schweigen).



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