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The Twilight Zone by Nolan?

TwilightZone.jpgThere are rumours that a number of big name directors are up for taking the lead on a new film version of The Twilight Zone, and by film version I mean that it won't be so episodic where we see different directors making different segments, but one director controlling the whole film and perhaps one story being featured.

This could lead the way for a franchise of films under the banner of "The Twilight Zone:...", although right now we don't even know who the director will be for the first film, even though we have clues.

Rumours are coming through that there's a list of directors being looked at for the film, and that list includes Michael Bay, Alfonso Cuarón, David Yates, Rupert Wyatt, Christopher Nolan, all the other directors that have worked for Warner Bros., and my second cousin.

Okay, I'm joking on the last two because we so often hear lists of directors for these big films and they are either truly leaked out or someone just picking the latest names that have made huge films for the studio of late, and that list matches that scenario quite well.

So second cousin and all directors out of it, if this was the list for the film then I think we would be looking at a great line-up of segments for a complete Twilight Zone film, however that doesn't seem to be the case as Variety through The Guardian tell us that it's going to be a feature length story.

Okay, isn't that kind of defeating the purpose of The Twilight Zone? Well I think that it would work, but it is going against everything that has been done so far. What we'll end up with is a science fiction thriller with someone introducing it and closing it through a voiceover, maybe. It might only start to feel like The Twilight Zone if they begin delivering more films.

Still it wouldn't be bad to see it started, and if it went well it would open the door for more films, and maybe all these directors could have a crack at one, they certainly would end up making some very different films.

Out of that list the rumour coming through from the cleaner who glanced at a piece of paper on a desk one night is that although Michael Bay is the one who is most into the idea of directing it, Christopher Nolan is the current top runner, mainly because he's just so sought after right now, has delivered so much success for the studio, and looking at his films you just know he could pull this off with ease and deliver something rather mind-bending too, which is just what The Twilight Zone needs.

One thing that is clear, considering these different directors I don't believe there's an idea of where the project is going yet, and that's a little surprising considering we heard in July of 2008 that Leonardo DiCaprio's production company was out looking for a screenwriter for the project and that in July of 2009 they found one in the guise of Rand Ravich, think The Astronaut's Wife.

We didn't really hear much after that on the project, but with them looking for a director and presumably sitting with a script ready to be rewritten by whoever takes it up, the project is moving forward. I would imagine though that there's still a long way to go before we see the film, but at least there's a signpost up ahead marking its arrival, it says the next stop is, The Twilight Zone.



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