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Zorro, the reboot?

Zorro.jpgWhy do we need another reboot of Zorro? Seriously, why? Oh, forgive me this isn't a remake this is an origin tale, and it won't be a remake because we've never seen the origin tale have we?

Writers are on the case and Sony believes that there's something to be had out of another Zorro film. Personally though I don't see what, although the key may be in the material that's being used to make the film, no not paper, the novel.

Zorro is a novel by Isabel Allende and tells the origin story of the character who fought for justice with a sword, a cape, a hat, and an eye mask.

Behind it are two writers who are more known for television, Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia, as Deadline point out they are more known for the television work on Jericho, Charlies Angels, Warehouse 13 and Human Target, but they are adapting River of Doubt, a story of Teddy Roosevelt's 1914 trip down the Amazon river.

I don't know, I'm not convinced, I think it's going to be hard to break away from the Antonio Banderas led films which spawned the character from Shrek that is just about to see their own film, every time I hear about that character or see them I think of his turn as Zorro.

I wonder if this is going to try and rid the comical side of the character and bring some reality and darkness to the story, looking at the writers work to date you would certainly imagine it would be headed in that direction.

Still, would a darker Zorro origin story win you over, or is it just too soon? Is the aftermath of The Three Musketeers in 3D going to mark the swashbuckling film more than a new Zorro could, and I don't mean for the better.



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