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November 30, 2011

2011 Independent Spirit Awards Nominees

The nominees for the 2011 Independent Spirit Awards have arrived, marking the start of the awards season as they call it. Out of the bunch there are only a few groups of awards I take real notice of, and one of them is the Independent Spirit Awards. That's because in...

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Closing Credits: Ken Russell

The director Ken Russell died on Sunday 27th November, peacefully but unexpectedly following a series of strokes. He was a flamboyant and often decried director, but he made some classic films that will live on for a long, long time and he gave British cinema an edge, often at times...

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November 29, 2011

Roy Lee talks Oldboy, Battle Royale and Poltergeist

Roy Lee's production company has had a lot of success, and a fair amount of that success is with remakes, and while some of us might baulk at that word and turn our noses up let's not forget that he was a producer on the remake of Infernal Affairs (Filmstalker...

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Lech Walesa biographical film

The director Andrzej Wajd who won a lifetime achievement Oscar in 2000 has just started filming a biographical film about Lech Walesa, the former Polish President and 1983 Nobel Peace Prize winner who launched the Solidarity Union that helped end communism in Eastern Europe. The film is intended to cover...

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November 28, 2011

Sarah's Key (Elle s'appelait Sarah)

Blu-ray Five Stars
I knew nothing about the story at the core of the film, nor about the book or indeed the film. When I first heard about Sarah's Key (Elle s'appelait Sarah) there was one aspect that drew me to it, Kristen Scott Thomas. I've really been attracted to her later roles,...

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Prometheus trailer now leaked suggests Alien prequel

Last week a snippet of a teaser trailer for the upcoming Ridley Scott film Prometheus, the one that is but isn't a prequel to Alien, leaked online and coupled with a description revealed little about the film, although it did suggest that there was more to the Alien connection than...

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Bond's Skyfall adds Q

Now this isn't just about casting, this is about another step for the new Bond towards the old Bond. With Casino Royale (Filmstalker review) and Quantum of Solace (Filmstalker review) we've been seeing the genesis of the character of James Bond, delivering an origin story and taking the audience on...

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November 25, 2011

Take Shelter

Film Four Stars
Take Shelter stars Michael Shannon giving a typically great performance alongside an equally strong Jessica Chastain in a story about a man who begins to believe that a great storm is coming and will threaten his home and his family. So he concentrates on building a storm shelter in his...

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Film Three Stars
Things were stacking up against 50/50 for me from the beginning, the fact that I really didn't feel like revisiting some painful memories for me regarding cancer in my family and that I couldn't believe that Hollywood could manage to tackle this subject and bring out the comedy were very...

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November 24, 2011

Will a Steve Jobs film work?

It seems like Hollywood has noticed the cult like attention the death of Steve Jobs received and are planning to make a film about him, it won't be the first time that Jobs has been played by someone in a film, but it would be the first biographical film about...

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November 23, 2011

Prometheus photos reveal Alien connection?

There have been some photos released from the Prometheus film that are definitely the marketing promotional photographs we see released from films time and time again, but here there are some interesting shots, and one in particular that does bear a huge resemblance to something from Alien. Actually there are...

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The Darkest Hour new trailer

There are some very interesting shots during the new trailer for The Darkest Hour, forget for a moment the dance crazed soundtrack that doesn't always fit with the images and look to the images themselves, particularly later in the trailer. I really wish you could step through these trailers as...

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New trailer for The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black is getting a lot of publicity right now, and rightly so for the trailers do make the film look really creepy, and not in a loud scream in your face when you're not expecting it way while watching through a hand held, first person camera. The...

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November 22, 2011

Larry Crowne

DVD Four Stars
You know what to expect from a film from Tom Hanks, starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, especially one billed as a straight romantic comedy. However you should take a step back from those expectations and view the film with a fresh mind, for when I watched it I was...

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Prometheus teaser leaked online

Perhaps, perhaps not, however a grainy bootleg of the trailer was captured and let loose on the Internet and very quickly shut down by 20th Century Fox, apparently. What it left behind was a written description of the trailer which has an opening that sounds as silly as silly can...

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Stalked: Scorsese on for Snowman; Hopkins and Dench for Branagh's Italian shoes; Delpy on Joe Strummer

Martin Scorsese has signed to direct The Snowman... Anthony Hopkins and Judi Dench in talks for Branagh's Italian Shoes... Julie Delpy directing Joe Strummer film......

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November 21, 2011

Rampart trailer combines some great names

I'm going to rattle off names involved in this project and see what that makes you think of the upcoming Rampart, for me it had me salivating before I saw this powerful trailer. Director Oren Moverman; writer James Ellroy; starring Woody Harrelson; Sigourney Weaver; Robin Wright; Steve Buscemi; Ben Foster;...

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Producer talks Tomb Raider reboot

The producer Graham King has been talking about the reboot of the Tomb Raider film franchise, as well as the connection with the reboot of the videogame franchise. While he's quick to point out that the previous films weren't terrible, he is clearly saying that they need something different, something...

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The Grey feature trailer arrives

A new trailer has arrived for Joe Carnahan's The Grey which features Liam Neeson, Frank Grillo, Nonso Anozie, Dermot Mulroney and Joe Anderson as part of a team of Alaskan riggers whose plane crashes and strands them in the middle of nowhere in the remote Alaskan wilderness and the only...

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W.E. trailer actually looks good

I know that we're hearing all sorts of things about the Madonna film W.E., and mainly they're all bad, but I have to admit that the trailer looks rather good and doesn't portray the film that a lot of critics have been talking about. While it isn't setting me on...

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November 20, 2011

Stalked: Tarsem Singh; Sophie Scholl; Stephen Frears; Gerard Butler; Ridley Scott; 20,000 Leagues; Andrew Kevin Walker; Absolutely Fabulous; Jennifer Saunders

Singh signs for Killing On Carnival Row... Sophie Scholl director tackles Galapagos killings... Frears directing dancing detective from Calcutta... Butler returning to Africa again... 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea gains Seven team... Absolutely Fabulous the movie......

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Stalked: Shyamalan; One Thousand A.E.; Miles Davis; Godzilla; Emmerich; Singularity; David Bailey; Unforgiven

Shyamalan's One Thousand A.E. gains new writer... Miles Davis film gains director... Godzilla gains a new writer... Emmerich halts Singularity... David Bailey in film... ITV's Unforgiven......

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Stalked: Clive Owen; Paul Schrader; Rob Reiner; Proposition 8; Asteroids; Woody Woodpecker; Rampage

Owen in Schrader written action film... Reiner making Proposition 8 film... Asteroids rewrite... Woody Woodpecker on film... Rampage videogame adaptation......

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Stalked: Casting: I, Frankenstein; Gertrude Bell; Ender's Game; Hunger Games; Clint Eastwood; Howard Hughes; Django Unchained; The Hypnotist; The Iceman; The Host

I, Frankenstein gaining female lead... Jolie as Gertrude Bell for Ridley Scott... Ender's Game finds lead... Hunger Games sequel being written... Eastwood in one more role... Beatty's Howard Hughes film gains lead... Tarantino's Django Unchained casting... Hallström's The Hypnotist cast... Iceman gains surprising cast... Meyer's Host adaptation cast......

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November 18, 2011

Man from U.N.C.L.E. loses Soderbergh

Just when one of Filmstalker's oldest friends asked me about the status of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. the other day, along comes surprising news on the very film, Ram, this one's for you. Steven Soderbergh has left the production of The Man from U.N.C.L.E.. Well, technically I guess I do...

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Gone trailer looks powerful

Gone is a film about a girl, played by Amanda Seyfried, who was once abducted by a killer and trapped but before they could kill her she escaped. A Year later her sister goes missing and she is convinced that the same man has taken her and that she doesn't...

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Shame, how trailers should be

I love this trailer for Shame, it really does get to you in a few seconds, not just with the haunting version of New York and the slightly off piano putting you on edge a little for what you're seeing, but with the emotive shots and brief snapshots of performance...

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Update: The Pirates! Band of Misfits new trailer impresses

I had thought I would tag this trailer onto an existing article, even while I was watching the opening which seemed to be more of the same, although a very good same, but we'd just seen it in the previous trailers. Then the new footage came and I was giggling...

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November 17, 2011

The Iron Lady gains political criticism

The recent release of The Iron Lady, the film about Margaret Thatcher's life, has been gaining equal amounts of praise and criticism, but it's where the criticism is coming from that is worrying, if it were just from fans of Thatcher and her years in office then it could be...

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Michael Jackson biographical film

I wondered how long it would be before Hollywood began working on a Michael Jackson film, and it did make sense to wait until after the final chapter was closed, the court case on the death of the star which revealed that he could have been saved and he could...

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Lovelace's Inferno gains Sharon Stone

No, she won't be playing Linda Lovelace, but the news of Sharon Stone being cast as the mother of Lovelace tells us that not only is the film Lovelace moving forward, but the much talked about film Inferno is still moving forward, slowly, and it still has its lead. Inferno:...

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Disney-Pixar's Brave trailer

The trailer for Disney and Pixar's film Brave has a fantastic opening feature, Billy Connolly, but the rest, well it's rather underwhelming as I'm struggling to see any story here just a series of different scenes that play on the comedy aspect. The film follows a young Scottish girl who...

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November 16, 2011


Film Three Stars
I wasn't expecting too much from Trespass after all there are a number of reasons why that would be. Joel Schumacher hasn't been on form for a while although I thought The Number 23 (Filmstalker review) was getting there, and Nicolas Cage was leading and the same can be said...

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Soderbergh's Haywire R rating doesn't compare

Steven Soderbergh's Haywire had apparently already received an R rating from the MPAA and it had been put forward for an appeal. Now it would seem that the appeal for the film has failed and the R rating has been upheld. What that could potentially mean is that the PG-13...

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Lego film moves forward

Hollywood is continuing its fascination with toys and games as films with Lego, and while this idea was originally announced a good number of years back, the film production is still alive, amazingly. It has been in development since 2008, but it's only now receiving a production boost. Sometimes it's...

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Mirror Mirror trailer offers surprising Snow White story

Well I didn't expect the other Snow White film to go in this direction. Watching the trailer for Tarsem Singh's Mirror Mirror reveals something far from the previous Show White and the Huntsman that opened its trailer just the other day, for this one is much more fun. It starts...

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Stalked: Fincher's Cleopatra; Casey Anthony film; Hollywood in Chinese famine film; Lawrence's Houdini; Akira and Twilight; I Frankenstein cast; Spielberg and Moses; U.N.C.L.E.'s loss

Fincher's Cleopatra to gain new writer?... Casey Anthony film from prosecutor's book... Robbins and Brody in Chinese famine film... Lawrence's Houdini film still happening... Akira offers Kristen Stewart lead... Nighy joins Beattie's I, Frankenstein... Spielberg in talks for Gods and Kings... The Man From U.N.C.L.E. swaps Clooney?......

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November 15, 2011

Doctor Who film gains director and radical transformation

Yes, that's the truth. Pinch yourself, this is not April the first, and the Doctor is going to return to the big screen, and what's more there's the perfect British director to do just that, David Yates. It all looks like exciting news, especially as this will come at a...

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The Iron Lady trailer

On the day that The Iron Lady received its first screening a new trailer arrived for the film directed by Phyllida Lloyd and written by Abi Morgan. Early comments I've read about the film suggest that it skims over the key points of Margaret Thatcher's life in order to present...

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Being Flynn trailer featuring De Niro

Being Flynn is a film from Paul Weitz that is about fathers and sons, and for all those men out there we know what that means, man tears. It always happens in films - Big Fish, Field of Dreams, anything about fathers and sons will hit your own relationship with...

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The Hunger Games trailer impacts hard

Imagine Big Brother mixed with Battle Royale, that's the feeling from The Hunger Games trailer for the film adapted from the series of novels which is undoubtedly the American version of the aforementioned Battle Royale. The trailer looks powerful and gets through a number of key concepts and ideas easily...

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Catch .44 trailer with Willis and Whitaker

I never saw this one coming, and while the trailer is a little confusing it does set-up an interesting and complex seeming mix of characters and plot that could deliver a stylish thriller. Plus it stars Bruce Willis, Forest Whitaker, Malin Akerman, Shea Whigham, Nikki Reed and Brad Dourif. Aaron...

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November 14, 2011

Colin Firth in Oldboy, returning to the dark side

If it comes to be and Colin Firth signs up to play the villain role in Oldboy we could see a return to the dark side of the actor that we've seen, if all too rarely. There's one specific film I always remember about Firth that stays with me and...

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Act of Valor second trailer

Another trailer has arrived for the film Act of Valor, the action film starring active Navy SEALS soldiers doing what they do and in some cases portraying actual Navy SEALS missions, pulled together in a big storyline with plenty of highly realistic action. It looks like it could turn out...

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New The Lady trailer powers home the storyt

Luc Besson could have a huge film on his hands, and one that might play a small part in the positive changes going on in the world today, and judging from the trailer it will be down to a hugely dramatic true story, the life so far of Aung San...

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November 11, 2011

Snow White and the Huntsman teaser arrives

Wow, the teaser trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman is absolutely superb, and before I pressed play I had wondered if it was going to be cheese galore, far from it, it's packed with style and fantastic imagery as well as a strong cast. There's only one question I...

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Safe trailer is a safe bet

That's exactly what I thought when I saw the trailer for Safe which stars Jason Statham and comes from writer/director Boaz Yakin. The film looks a pretty steady action film mixing a few elements of Transporter and action films we've seen Statham in before with a few other famous action...

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New trailer for Haywire

"You shouldn't think of her as being a woman, that would be a mistake" - is the closing line for the trailer which tells you what to expect from the star of the Steven Soderbergh action thriller Haywire, Gina Carano. As most will know by now she's a fighter, a...

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New Red Tails trailer gives more

Thankfully the new trailer for Red Tails gives us more from the film and suggests that it's going to be a lot better than we might have first thought. After all the first few trailers weren't fantastic, but this one has a strong rousing sense and concentrates less on Lucas'...

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November 9, 2011

In Time

Film Two Stars
It was interesting that I went to see In Time with three ladies, one of whom was my wife and two of whom specifically wanted to see the film, and when we came out all of them thought the film wasn't very good and my wife was genuinely shocked to...

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Immortals producer questions director

Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton are the producers of the film Immortals, people who are responsible for bringing the project to life, pulling together the talented people, and making it happen. I know it's a simplistic explanation and producers will be slightly miffed at it, but overall that's the role....

Read the full story "Immortals producer questions director" »

New I Melt With You trailer sums up life

Oh dear me, I am glad I watched this first for the rest of the trailers I'm about to watch will hopefully cheer me up somewhat, for the trailer for I Melt With You from writer Glenn Porter and writer Mark Pellington and starring Jeremy Piven, Rob Lowe, Thomas Jane,...

Read the full story "New I Melt With You trailer sums up life" »

Special Forces trailer tries hard

There are three things that surprised me about this film, which I had never really heard of until now. One is Diane Kruger stars, the other is Djimon Hounsou also stars, and the third is that the film is French and about French special forces, Forces Spéciales (Special Forces). Why...

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New UK Contraband trailer delivers too much?

Does the new trailer for the Mark Wahlberg and Kate Beckinsale tell us too much of the story? I'm not entirely sure but it does lay it all out, I'm hoping that most of this happens early on for looking at it I'm sure I have a large amount of...

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November 8, 2011

Scott gives more Alien-Prometheus confusion

Ridley Scott has been talking about that "Alien DNA" that's in his next film Prometheus, the one that started out being written as an Alien prequel and turned into, well, a film we don't know that much about yet. While he continues to say that it isn't an Alien film...

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November 7, 2011

Update: Bond's Skyfall, the surprises

I've not leaped on the Bond 23 Skyfall story as the initial press reports weren't blowing my mind, but some of the information that has come out between the lines has provided a little sparkle of interest, or rather has quashed previous rumours. A press conference was held last week...

Read the full story "Update: Bond's Skyfall, the surprises" »

Safe House trailer impresses

I missed this trailer for Safe House last week and I can't believe I did because it looks like a superb action thriller that puts Denzel Washington in a great role, playing a bad guy, or at least a morally questionable guy. The trailer is filled with action and sets...

Read the full story "Safe House trailer impresses" »

Stalked: Seconds of Pleasure; Elijah Wood slasher; Penn and DiCaprio; Star Trek 2 villain; Litvinenko film; X-Men: First Class sequel

Figgis directing Seconds of Pleasure... Slasher horror remake with Elijah Wood... Penn and DiCaprio together on screen... Star Trek 2 begins casting... Litvinenko film gaining director?... X-Men: First Class sequel moves forward......

Read the full story "Stalked: Seconds of Pleasure; Elijah Wood slasher; Penn and DiCaprio; Star Trek 2 villain; Litvinenko film; X-Men: First Class sequel" »

Third Princess Diana biographical film gains lead

While there have been Princess Diana films talked about and a couple that have headed to DVD rather unceremoniously, it's never really been thought that the story of the most loved Princess of the British Royal Family would make it to screen, despite the fact that it would be an...

Read the full story "Third Princess Diana biographical film gains lead" »

Scott confirms some facts about New Blade Runner

Ridley Scott has been talking about his attempt to return to his classic film Blade Runner, and we've heard some rumours before about the film and where it's headed, the man himself has spoken a little about the film and what he has in store. What's interesting is that...

Read the full story "Scott confirms some facts about New Blade Runner" »

Akira casting rumours continue

I guess there's one good thing about all these casting rumours for the live action version of Akira, and that's that the project is still moving forward. Of course you might view that as bad news, I'm not entirely sure, it does depend on how much you love the original...

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November 3, 2011

General MacArthur and Emperor Hirohito film

Peter Webber, who you should remember from Girl with a Pearl Earring and Hannibal Rising, is looking to direct an historical film about the days following the Japanese surrender when General Douglas MacArthur and his staff considered prosecuting Emperor Hirohito for crimes of war, and decided against such action. Oh,...

Read the full story "General MacArthur and Emperor Hirohito film" »

Underworld: Awakening new trailer reveals more

If you were wondering about the new Underworld film, Underworld: Awakening, then wonder no more for the new trailer tells us everything we need to know, and then some. I love the line where we're told, as we see the massive creature, that they've managed to create a creature twice...

Read the full story "Underworld: Awakening new trailer reveals more" »

Project X trailer looks interesting

Now Project X is a trailer about a bunch of teenagers having a wild party that goes out of control, and while that would normally fill me with dread and the thought of the usual teen comedy jokes galore, it actually looks far from it, it looks like it could...

Read the full story "Project X trailer looks interesting" »

21 Jump Street trailer...oh dear me

Remember 21 Jump Street the television series? Well take all those thoughts you have about it and any ideas you may have about it reaching the big screen and shred them right now, into very small pieces. Done that? Right, now take a handful of the usual stock American comedy...

Read the full story "21 Jump Street trailer...oh dear me" »

November 2, 2011

Watch Life in a Day for free, and take part in Britain in a Day

You can watch the Kevin MacDonald edited film, shot by you, Life in a Day online for free right now, and it's totally legal. What's more if you don't want to watch it online it's arriving on the BBC tomorrow night. I've yet to watch the film, I'm going to...

Read the full story "Watch Life in a Day for free, and take part in Britain in a Day" »

Lovelace biographical film changing lead again?

We know the turbulent story of Inferno, the first Linda Lovelace planned biographical film which lost its lead to various illegal activities and prison time and replaced her with Malin Akerman, however this is the other Lovelace biographical film that popped up around that time called, simply, Lovelace. It hasn't...

Read the full story "Lovelace biographical film changing lead again?" »

Fall Guy and Kung Fu from Martin Campbell and Bill Paxton?

It seems hard to believe, but according to news stories the Kung Fu film is still happening and there are plans to make a film based on The Fall Guy. That's not really the hard part to believe, the big news is that Bill Paxton is going to be directing...

Read the full story "Fall Guy and Kung Fu from Martin Campbell and Bill Paxton?" »

November 1, 2011

Filmstalker's Films for November 2011

Have you seen the date? We're fast approaching the festive period already, where did the year go? Well we're not quite at that speech yet, there's another two months of cinema ahead, and this month is surprisingly diverse with film. There's plenty of adult drama for us, and I don't...

Read the full story "Filmstalker's Films for November 2011" »


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