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Update: Bond's Skyfall, the surprises

Skyfall.jpgI've not leaped on the Bond 23 Skyfall story as the initial press reports weren't blowing my mind, but some of the information that has come out between the lines has provided a little sparkle of interest, or rather has quashed previous rumours.

A press conference was held last week to reveal to the press that Bond 23 had a title, and to allow some of the press to talk to the stars of the film, the producers and the director, just without actually saying anything.

Let's run through the key points, points which aren't really that new or such well kept secrets - Bond 23 is now called Skyfall. Javier Bardem is to play the bad guy. Albert Finney, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris and Bérénice Marlohe are supporting with Judi Dench returning to her role as M and of course Daniel Craig returning as Bond.

Nothing massively surprising, and you can watch some video highlights of the press conference here thanks to TrailerAddict who have the individual interviews and photo call if you want to see more.

A couple of things did come out that did offer a little new information, Naomie Harris is not playing Moneypenny she's playing a field agent called Eve, Bérénice Marlohe's character is called Severin, and Sam Mendes reveals that the film is going to have plenty of action.

This is to combat a previous rumour that Mendes was considering less action and more Oscar material from the film, which I thought wasn't such a bad thing considering Casino Royale (Filmstalker review) was the more character based Bond and Quantum of Solace (Filmstalker review) was the action based. Well you be the judge of what that means, personally I want a more character based Bond.

Sam Mendes can't win. Not until he delivers the film of course.

Here's the big one though, Skyfall is a standalone Bond fim, the trilogy is officially over and it died with Quantum of Solace. Personally I think that could be a sad thing because the character of Bond hasn't been fully developed, he's getting there and the idea was that with the tracking down of the people behind the plot from the first two films would create the full persona of Bond, but we weren't quite there.

Of course what we could see happening is that we get a completely new story but with the development still happening, but what are we supposed to think of the tracking down of the Quantum organisation? Will it continue in the new film or are we just to forget it? There are a lot of questions unanswered.

Update: No sooner had I posted this, thinking that all the Skyfall news had come out, than more names have been announced for the cast. Now we're hearing from the official Twitter site through Deadline that two new cast members have been announced, Helen McCrory and Ola Rapace. There's nothing announced on who they will be playing yet, just the announcement of their casting.



They can always return to the Quantam arc later, I'm happy to sit back & take what they consider best suited.

They could return later, but I don't think they will. Going in another direction will interrupt the flow of the development of the Bond character in the direction they had intended with these films and they'll either have to accept the character as is, change him to the Bond we'll have from now on, or continue his development under another story.

I wasn't so concerned about losing the Quantum storyline as losing the great development of the Bond character we were getting, and to be fair I think that will continue, just with another story.


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