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Fall Guy and Kung Fu from Martin Campbell and Bill Paxton?

TheFallGuy.jpgIt seems hard to believe, but according to news stories the Kung Fu film is still happening and there are plans to make a film based on The Fall Guy. That's not really the hard part to believe, the big news is that Bill Paxton is going to be directing Kung Fu and Martin Campbell The Fall Guy.

Yes, I did say Martin Campbell, the man who brought life back to the Bond series twice and directed the original Edge of Darkness television series.

The news of Kung Fu is interesting, but not the main event. Bill Paxton looks set to direct the film adapting the television series which starred David Carradine as the Shaolin monk who was wondering the Wild West looking for his missing brother while he rights wrongs through flashbacks to his past training.

Now it's interesting to think of Bill Paxton directing this because while he's not directed much, he has directed Frailty, and that received a lot of strong reviews. I don't see him directing it anywhere near the series, but perhaps bringing a strong thriller feel to the film, mind you we still need him to sign up and for a script.

Right now he's in talks according to Deadline, however would you want that to change? Could you see a Kung Fu directed by Paxton?

Okay, now the interesting part, Martin Campbell directing The Fall Guy the film version. Now while you might hark back to the original series and wonder how that could work let me stop you. Stop thinking of Lee Majors, Douglas Barr and Heather Thomas, although I can understand why you would, and don't think of Majors lying in that outdoor tub either, let's pull back a little.

Think of a tougher, harder, more realistic story of a stuntman who by day is a, well as I said, stuntman, and by evening and days off set is a bounty hunter. Now throw in a harder edged thriller story and we suddenly have something going on here.

The original story from Deadline tells us that while Campbell is in early discussion for the film, the script is underway with Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz, think X-Men: First Class, so there's a good foundation there, and if Campbell did come on board you may be thinking Green Lantern, but I'm thinking double bond revival GoldenEye and Casino Royale (Filmstalker review).

I think a film version of the Fall Guy has huge potential, not least because Drive introduced us to the powerful moonlighting stuntman and we liked him.

I'm really keen on this idea, I could see The Fall Guy film working. What about you?



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