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Immortals producer questions director

Immortals.jpgGianni Nunnari and Mark Canton are the producers of the film Immortals, people who are responsible for bringing the project to life, pulling together the talented people, and making it happen. I know it's a simplistic explanation and producers will be slightly miffed at it, but overall that's the role.

The director, you would think, is in charge of creating the film itself, it's all in the name isn't it? Directing all the talent assembled through each step of the film and bringing the script to life for the big, and small, screen. However an offhand comment from one of the producers seems to suggest he should have allowed the producers more of a hand in his role.

Speaking about the film Immortals the two producers Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton seemed to be very positive about it, and why not? They should be marketing every film they produce to death to try and get as much media attention as possible and as many people to see it as they can.

So when they were talking on the red carpet and Mark Canton was singing the praises of the director Tarsem Singh, who is by the way an awesome director with an amazing visual sense of direction, Gianni Nunnari piped up and said:

"He still needs to understand what's the word in Indian of collaborating..."

Ouch. Now to be fair, and you can see the video interview below, it's laughed off and the comments about the film are great, Canton is quickly over the comment and keeps control of the conversation to keep the sell high.

However, it is one of the only things that Nunnari says, and I feel inclined to point out that he is one of the producers on the film, not an executive producer even. No matter if the producers names appear on the poster and trailer trying to sell the comparisons to 300 (Filmstalker review), the man in charge of filming and everyone on the cast and crew to set that script to film is the director, or rather it should be the director. Shouldn't it?

Am I just being old fashioned there? I'm thinking to directors who controlled the whole show, who are blinding, controlling forces who get great performances out and great films made, what's wrong with them being not so collaborative? Why is it so wrong for the director not to be collaborative, especially when he's responsible for The Fall (Filmstalker review), and I think it's also worth pointing out, The Cell.

I wonder how much creative input Gianni Nunnari wanted in the film in that he didn't feel it was collaborative? Or am I doing him an injustice and he's talking about other people on the cast and crew?

Frankly though there are some directors who may not be collaborative and that's just fine because you look at what they produce and it is worthwhile. You may not have been a great fan of The Cell, and I think it might deserve a little revisit, but The Fall (Filmstalker review) was fantastic on so many levels and I want to see more of Tarsem Singh directing, whatever way he directs.

After all, he is the director and these guys are the producers. How much creativity did they bring from 300 (Filmstalker review), and it raises the question of should we really be pegging films in this way as the audience are already expecting another 300 film and yet there's a writer, cinematographer, effects team, director, editors, all in there to create something different.

Okay, customary moment to pull myself back. When you watch the interview from The Hollywood Reporter below you'll see it's a single comment and Mark Canton is quick to play it down and move on. It's cutting and it shouldn't have been said and shouldn't reflect on the film itself, but it does tell something of the way the relationship of a producer with a film is going, and it's not the way I described it above.



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