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Lovelace biographical film changing lead again?

AmandaSeyfried.jpgWe know the turbulent story of Inferno, the first Linda Lovelace planned biographical film which lost its lead to various illegal activities and prison time and replaced her with Malin Akerman, however this is the other Lovelace biographical film that popped up around that time called, simply, Lovelace.

It hasn't been too smooth riding either, both projects have been reported as struggling for funding, and Lovelace started with Kate Hudson in line to star, but now she's pregnant she's had to move on. So who's up next? Well it's an interesting choice, and one that would certainly melt the screen with sexuality, Amanda Seyfried.

I remember watching Chloe (Filmstalker review) and feeling like she was going to rip me apart through that screen, honestly there are some moments she just catches your breath with a stare, and I'm not sure if that will be a great thing for the character of Linda Lovelace for I wonder if a plainer, less overtly sexual actress would be better for the role?

Oh of course Amanda Seyfried could be toned down to look less sexy and seductive, but she has an amazing look that I think would be hard to pull back - have you seen Chloe? - and I wonder if that would press against the story of Linda Lovelace that is going to be told, after all she is going to have to Theron-down for the latter half of the film where we follow Lovelace's character away from the adult industry. She moved on to campaign against it, claiming abuse and prostitution by Chuck Traynor, the man behind her films and her career.

I can't help but think that Seyfried would be better placed playing someone like Jenna Jameson rather than from the old school adult industry like Linda Lovelace. However performance wise we know she could carry the film.

According to Variety through First Showing it's not just Seyfried who is up for Lovelace. Originally we heard that James Franco was to star alongside Kate Hudson, but he's also moved on, now it looks like Peter Sarsgaard us the man to take his place.

This is lining up to be a very interesting film don't you think? I hope that they manage to keep these actors involved and the film gets made, and as I've always said, that it doesn't turn out to be a one message film such as "porn is evil and is made by satan" story.



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