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Michael Jackson biographical film

MichaelJackson.jpgI wondered how long it would be before Hollywood began working on a Michael Jackson film, and it did make sense to wait until after the final chapter was closed, the court case on the death of the star which revealed that he could have been saved and he could yet have gone on to deliver his final concert.

Now the case is completed the Montecito Picture Company has begun talks with Michael Jackson's estate over a biographical film and the chance to bring him back to fans in a story about his life.

Of course a film about the life of Michael Jackson would be huge, there's so much to cover - his early years; the real stories of his life on the huge estate; the changes he underwent; the battles in court and the accusations; the iconic songs; his relationships; the children; the final tour, and obviously the terrible end to his life.

It's not going to be a short film, or one that's going to easily cover everything, but the early talk is that the biographical film wouldn't attempt to cover his entire life, only certain parts and that could be the worrying comment for fans. What if the parts selected are the ones that really excited the media? The negative parts of his life and they don't really concentrate on the better aspects?

Well I doubt that the estate would give approval for that, either they portray just the positive parts of his life or they present the full story, otherwise I can't see the Jackson's approving the film, and that's just what the production is trying to do right now according to Variety through The Guardian.

The article tells us that Tom Pollack of the Montecito Picture Company and his production partner Ivan Reitman are working on gaining the approval just now, although Reitman is producing at the moment and there's no word on a director, these are early negotiations on the rights after all.

A Michael Jackson film has to try and tell the whole story, it can't avoid some of the big issues, positive or negative, for all these aspects of the story of Michael Jackson made him who he is, the worldwide star who is probably one of the biggest names in entertainment the world will ever see.

Who could possibly direct a film about him though? Will it end up a director who was close to him, or a major documentary maker and director? Would someone such as Martin Scorsese consider making another biographical film about an iconic music legend? I'm not convinced he would, but that's the kind of level I hope they gain for this film, someone with the power to be able to push the film's running time and allow it to tell the whole story.



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