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The Grey feature trailer arrives

TheGrey.jpgA new trailer has arrived for Joe Carnahan's The Grey which features Liam Neeson, Frank Grillo, Nonso Anozie, Dermot Mulroney and Joe Anderson as part of a team of Alaskan riggers whose plane crashes and strands them in the middle of nowhere in the remote Alaskan wilderness and the only other living thing out there is a pack of wolves intent on tracking them down and eating them. Who says nature isn't lovely?

The teaser really didn't capture me that much, but the tone and focus of this full trailer manages to present a much better intent for the film. I really do like the long build up to the reveal of the story and the closing scenes of the trailer.

Joe Carnahan co-wrote and directed The Grey, which seemed on paper to be a difficult sell, now the trailer is released I'm starting to think that it might just turn out to be a great turnaround. It looks like The Grey could turn out to be a good action adventure film with a pretty unforgiving adversary, a natural predator, or rather a pack of them.

Here's the new trailer for The Grey from Trailer Addict. See what you think about it, I'm not so keen on the explanatory titles, but the rest of the trailer looks like we're set for more Liam Neeson in full action mode.



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