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The Iron Lady trailer

TheIronLady.jpgOn the day that The Iron Lady received its first screening a new trailer arrived for the film directed by Phyllida Lloyd and written by Abi Morgan. Early comments I've read about the film suggest that it skims over the key points of Margaret Thatcher's life in order to present her full story but not delving deeply into issues such as the effect on the economy, the battles with the IRA, the Poll Tax or the Falklands War, and although it references them and touches on them, it stays focussed on the lead.

I like that aspect because the film is about her, but I would love to see a film solely about the Falklands War. Still, there is some murmur about the film being a little light throughout and perhaps looking too much on the Thatcher in her current aging mindset.

I'm not so sure, I think this trailer for The Iron Lady does a good job of trying to present every aspect, although I do think it focuses a little too much on the negative to begin with and waiting a lot longer to present some positive, of which there were many, including the Falklands War.

Still, I'm very keen to see the film and the trailer just reinforces that desire, after all we have Meryl Streep playing Margaret Thatcher in a very closely mimicked portrayal, Jim Broadbent as Denis Thatcher, Richard E. Grant as Michael Heseltine, Anthony Head as Geoffrey Howe and Michael Pennington as Michael Foot, with the shot of Grant as Heseltine catching my eye.

It all looks set-up to be a strong British film about one of the most famous Prime Ministers there has been. I do hope that the comedy aspect is much less than the trailer suggests and we get a much more frank and unbiased view of her life.

Here's the trailer through The Daily Mail and The Playlist:



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