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24 film loses director gains new script

24_Poster.jpgIt seems the idea of a 24 film, which is false advertising if you ask me, took a tumble and a step forward at the same time this week. On one hand the director attached to the project left but on the other a new script has arrived and the project is being pushed forward.

What's more is this isn't coming directly from Keifer Sutherland trying to sell the concept of the film through the media, no this is a rumour like any other film in current production, so it's definitely moved on from before.

I have to admit I grew tired of the stories coming out that a 24 film was going to happen on this date and that production was moving forward when it seemed pretty clear it wasn't, it was just Keifer Sutherland using the media to hype interest to then help sell the concept to a production company, and why not? Everyone does it, and it works. However it just got stale for me.

This was made worse by the fact that I still view the whole concept of a 24 film as a bit of false advertising. 24 is all about two things, real time and twenty-four hours, the clue is in the title. A film will not be twenty-four hours, and if it is real time it's going to be two and a bit hours maximum, not twenty-four.

Oh I can hear you saying that it's no problem, that it'll still be real time and still work. Perhaps it will, but think of all the character...okay, think of all the plot building you get in a 24 series, all the twists and turns that make it work so well, the multiple threads developed over time and the tension and suspense that brings. Will we get all that in a two hour film?

I'm still not sold on the concept, but apparently that doesn't matter because the production is moving forward. Deadline through The Playlist tells us that the project is happening and that Keifer Sutherland and Brian Grazer are pushing it forward.

However Tony Scott was attached as director and is no longer, although I'm not sure exactly when he was attached and when he did duck out as there have been so many rumours about this film. Now it seems as though they are looking for a new director and have about five in mind, who the five are we have no idea.

The other news is that a new script is about to arrive from Mark Bomback, he wrote the scripts for Die Hard 4.0 (Filmstalker review), Unstoppable, Jack the Giant Killer, Total Recall remake and the new The Wolverine, so the studios have a lot of faith in him even if audiences haven't had the chance to see a lot of his work yet. One thing you could say, cinematic action.

Billy Ray previously wrote the 24 script that Bomback is doing anything from polishing to completely re-writing, and since he has films like Hart's War, State of Play and The Hunger Games you could say that there's a little more thought to his work. Good combination.

So good news in the end, it all depends on the director, or does it? Can a 2.5 film really work? Won't it just end up being another action film?



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