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300 Prequel casts and reveals story

EvaGreen.jpgI have to admit that I was wondering if the prequel to 300 (Filmstalker review) would ever really happen. There has been a lot of talk about it since the original was released and did so well, but since then there's not been a great deal of movement. There have been rumours and Noam Murro was assigned the director's role, but I did wonder if perhaps too much time had passed since and films like Immortal had filled the gap the audience might have felt.

However that's not the case and the production looks like it's still moving ahead as we hear that the first role has been cast and more of the story is revealed.

Eva Green has signed up to play Artemisia in the film 300: Battle of Artemisia, see the connection? Interestingly though this doesn't actually seem to be a prequel and is in the same timeline as 300.

The outline for the story comes through The Hollywood Reporter and tells us that Green is playing what is described in the article as being a "ruthless, gold-covered goddess" who persuades Xerxes to send his army against the Greek forces with her guidance to lead them into battle.

The Greek forces are apparently unlike those elite warriors we saw in the first film and have little training led by a General called Themistokles who might be the tactical pin of this battle.

So there's no word of any other casting as yet, but it does look like the prequel is going to happen and we'll see more names join the cast as we hear more to flesh out the story.

What seems to be key here is that the story isn't a direct prequel or sequel to the 300 (Filmstalker review) story, which I think is a good move as anything along those lines is likely to be too similar and perhaps have too much to live up to. By creating a new story and keeping similar themes with the Xerxes army at the core, there's a lot more that could be made different in this film to offer the audience something new.



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