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Addiction Incorporated trailer intrigues

AddictionIncorporated.jpgNow here's a powerful film that is the real life story of The Insider, a scientist who had been working for a large tobacco company on making cigarettes more addictive but less harmful, and in the process he proved that nicotine was addictive, something the companies themselves denied.

He took his findings public and in the process set about a change in government policy against the tobacco industry, an act that could have destroyed him and brought about nothing but the companies improving their secrecy.

The documentary looks very interesting, and does feel like the real story behind The Insider film, especially when you hear some of the later comments in the trailer.

Here's the blurb for Addiction Incorporated:

Docu[mentary] tells the amazing story of Victor DeNoble, one of the most important and influential whistleblowers of all time. In the 1980s, DeNoble was a research scientist at Philip Morris, where he was tasked with finding a substitute for nicotine that would not cause heart attacks. His quest was to find out whether it would be possible to create a cigarette that would be safer for smokers… though not necessarily less addictive. DeNoble succeeded, but in the process, produced something that had been denied and avoided for years: scientific evidence that nicotine was addictive.

After his lab was shuttered and his research pulled from publication and locked in a vault, DeNoble took his findings public in what was nothing less than an act of modern-day heroism, testifying about his research in the infamous 1994 Congressional hearings-the same ones that produced the now-famous video of the seven heads of the major tobacco companies declaring, under oath, that they believed nicotine was not addictive. In the end, an unprecedented alliance of journalists, politicians, attorneys, and whistleblowers banded together to achieve what was once considered impossible: the first-ever federal regulation of the tobacco industry.

This could be a powerful film that brings up a topic that always provides for a lot of debate and argument. Here's the trailer for Addiction Incorporated through TrailerAddict:



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