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American Psycho remake

AmericanPsycho.jpgThis news hit me hard today, I couldn't believe it but it would seem that Lionsgate are steaming ahead with a remake of American Psycho and it could well be with a director who is making his feature film debut.

Add to that the film is being pitched as a low budget remake, and I'm wondering how in danger the original is of being surpassed.

The idea behind this new version is to see how the serial killer of the American Psycho film would manage in a modern day world, I presume now that the outside world has changed, that there's more likely much more pressure on the character than before, and so on.

Not many details have been released, but it would seem that the idea is in the form of a script that Noble Jones submitted to Lionsgate for them to review, since they have the rights to the original, and they've started to get interested in the story.

Who is Noble Jones? Well he's what Deadline call a David Fincher protégé. He's worked on the second unit for The Social Network (Filmstalker review) and made adverts and music videos, and his documentary 10 Days Out: Blues From the Backroads was nominated for a Grammy, so there's definitely talent. Still, this would be his first feature film, and what a film to attempt to break into Hollywood with.

Of course if he pulls it off he'll do really well for himself, and why shouldn't he? American Psycho isn't that much of a classic is it?

The remake could go two ways though, with a cheap budget and Lionsgate it could go for the horror and the gore, or it could calm down and go psychological, having a bit more to tell than the straight up horror story.

There's always a place for a serial killer story, but I wonder how much resemblance this will really have to American Psycho and if it will just become another serial killer film set in the modern world. After all wasn't the first one a real product of its time?



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