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Another Act of Valor trailer hits hard

ActofValor.jpgWhat's surprising about this new trailer for Act of Valor is that it doesn't concentrate on the fact that it features real life Navy SEAL soldiers in the film, nor that it recreates real situations that soldiers have faced, not even that the film features some of the state of the art technology and very realistic combat techniques, no this trailer has something else.

It's emotional and powerful and makes a connection like many other war and combat films, but here I'm surprised because it has so much more.

I did think that this would play on the other selling factors of the film and let slip the dramatic and emotional elements that make so many good films, but it looks like Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh have managed to do all of the above, and I think that's something special.

The new trailer looks great and you can see it right here, I really do hope it manages to keep this intensity and power through into the feature.

Here is that new trailer for Act of Valor which was on Deadline and I found through YouTube:



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