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Doctor Who film not happening?

DoctorWho-Smith.jpgSteven Moffat is the man behind Doctor Who at the BBC at the moment, of course there are many other people there who make the series happen, but he's the one that the American industry would call the showrunner and we would call Executive Producer, series writer and general big cheese, and he's been talking about this so called Doctor Who film, revealing that he knows nothing about it and it's just not happening.

Well, it's not happening unless it comes from the BBC with their people, the television series Doctor of the time, and definitely would not be a Hollywood reboot.

So I'm confused, as are many other people, as David Yates and ex-BBC and Doctor Who Producer Jane Tranter have been working on a film version of Doctor Who, a complete restart with a different star and as the recent television series was a reboot of the whole story, so would this film be a reboot.

This isn't idle banter either, last we heard, not even a month ago, was that David Yates was teaming up Jane Tranter, and a comment in the Variety article which I wrote about also stated a BBC team, and he had said:

"We're looking at writers now. We're going to spend two to three years to get it right...It needs quite a radical transformation to take it into the bigger arena...

...Russell T. Davies and then Steven Moffat have done their own transformations, which were fantastic, but we have to put that aside and start from scratch."

I then wrote about how surprised I was that there was a need of a reboot, and that the two key people responsible for bringing the new Doctor Who to life were not being included, something it would seem surprised them too, or at least one of them, as Steven Moffat has tweeted his surprise about it and through First Showing said in two separate tweets, one about any film and one about the specific talk of a film:

"To clarify: any Doctor Who movie would be made by the BBC team, star the current TV Doctor and certainly NOT be a Hollywood reboot...

...Movie thing: David Yates, great director, was speaking off the cuff, on a red carpet. You've seen the rubbish I talk when I'm cornered."

Those were two comments he made through Twitter, and clearly he's saying that there can be no Doctor Who film without the current team, and that's something I expected as surely there's a rights issue on the go here.

He's also suggesting that these were just off the cuff comments to a reporter on a red carpet, and if you are a follower of Filmstalker you know how often I make it very clear that reporters can lead someone to answer a particular question, exclude the question from the answer, and then make it sound as though it's confirmation of a project that just isn't happening. Could this be the case here?

Then there's the Radio Times story through MTV and First Showing where Moffat kills the idea of a Doctor Who Hollywood film to a national newspaper, although the RadioTimes story doesn't actually point out which newspaper they are taking the quote from.

He stated that Doctor Who is a very important brand for the BBC and one with a huge international audience, one that...

"...not even Hollywood can start from scratch...

...there simply are no developed plans for a Doctor Who movie at the moment...if and when the movie happens it will need to star television's Doctor Who - and there's only ever one of those at a time."

Now I know that projects can happen in the background behind the backs of current creative teams without them knowing, and if this was Hollywood I'd be sitting here wondering if there was indeed a Doctor Who film happening without the current team and the current Doctor. However this isn't, and this is Doctor Who which is a pretty well protected brand, and more than that Steven Moffat is one of the two key people behind it, without him and Russell T. Davies there would really be no new Doctor Who.

Surely they can't be excluded? Surely if there is a film version being made they would be involved? Moffat, and possibly Davies, would be involved, and the one key factor above all is that they could not make a Doctor Who film without the current television Doctor, it would kill the film or the series. Mind you, stranger things have happened in Hollywood.



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