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Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close trailer arrives

ExtremelyLoudIncrediblyClose.jpgThere are two things that strike me about the trailer for Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, one is that it got to me so very easily and had a lump in my throat in the second half, and the other that it has such a dramatic and real life set-up that I'm scared it ends up just using that as a foil to deliver the rest of a typically Hollywood heart tugging film.

Except there's Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock, John Goodman, Max von Sydow, Viola Davis and Jeffrey Wright and this is the adaptation of the Jonathan Safran Foer novel about a young, very intelligent boy, whose father dies in the attack on the Twin Towers and leaves him a key, a key which begins a mystery in the boy's mind.

His father was always one for him finding out things, finding them out for himself, and as the trailer says if things were easy to find, they wouldn't be worth finding. So he goes on this trek to find out what the key was for, visiting friends and family members.

It looks like this could be extremely moving, not just Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, and I do hope it doesn't lose sight of the death of the father and turn into a romanticised and overly emotional film that manipulates the audience into crying, using the opening as merely an instigating event and forgetting it for something much more stock.

I would hope not considering that Eric Roth adapted the story, and he's known for films such as Munich (Filmstalker review), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Insider, Forrest Gump, and more, and it's directed by Stephen Daldry who has his own list of great films, Billy Elliot, The Hours and The Reader.

Here's the trailer for Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close which comes through First Showing and can be seen over on Apple Trailers in Quicktime high definition.



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