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Game Change teaser trailer arrives

GameChange.jpgI always like how film and television makes politicians seem so cunning, and the trailer for Game Change does just that, with Ed Harris playing John McCain asking for his staff to find him a woman to compete against the game changing arrival of Barack Obama. Then, there she is, one of the scariest people next to a Bush to even get a whiff of wielding such power, Sarah Palin played by the excellent Julianne Moore.

The two of them look pretty damn good if you ask me, although the trailer doesn't really get into the heart of the story, it does set out some of the boundaries of the story.

The film is based on the book Game Change by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin which followed the historic 2008 election from both camps however the film from Director Jay Roach and Writer Danny Strong, who previously delivered Recount, doesn't seem to do the same.

Looking in the credits for the film I don't see anyone playing Obama, so either they are using actual footage for the opposite side of the race or they are concentrating on the McCain and Palin side. I'm not really sure right now, but it does have a great line-up of talent in front and behind of the camera.

Game Change is hitting television and not the cinema, but the line up of talent and the focus of the story does suggest that this deserves a little more.

Game Change arrives in America in March, but you can see the first teaser trailer below through the Playlist:

Ah, politicians, bickering children whose sole purpose is to bring down the other so they can rise up. If you think it's anything to do with us, then you're well fooled.



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