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Jolie in Besson science fiction film?

AngelinaJolie.jpgAngelina Jolie was due to star in the film Gravity for Alfonso Cuarón, however that never worked out and she moved onto other projects, but she may return to the genre for Luc Besson according to reports, although it will be more dramatic thriller than science fiction film.

It does make a bit of a departure for her from her list of serious roles that she has lined up for her near future, and the ones she has recently delivered, but it's certainly no bad thing for her fans.

The film is described as a big scale project which is written and directed by Luc Besson, yes it's not an executive produced, presented or written only project, Besson is doing the lot, and really I think that's the only kind of Besson project that an actress of Angelina Jolie's standing would attach herself to.

The article in Deadline also describes it as a "dramatic thriller rooted in true scientific elements", and what intrigues me there is the use of the word true.

Again I feel I have to warn you that this is attributable to no one and there are no comments or people mentioned in regards the source of the information. Yet that doesn't stop it sounding interesting, just whether it's true or it actually happens. To be fair though, the article source is a decent one.

True would suggest that this is less science fiction than based on some scientific fact, theory or understanding projected into the future a little, and it's these kind of science fiction films I really do love, for they are heavily rooted in reality and just pushed that little bit further forward.

The project sounds pretty advanced already, discussions are underway for distribution deals and there have been discussions ongoing already with Jolie, according to the story that is, and the project would be pushing up her list of films to make.

Jolie has the historical film of Gertrude Bell from Ridley Scott, the one that follows the British aristocrat who worked heavily in early Middle Eastern politics before World War I, there's the Sleeping Beauty adapted story Maleficent, and apparently the possibility of her playing Kay Scarpetta in the untitled adaptation of the Patricia Cornwell character is moving forward, something we haven't heard of for some time. So it's not all serious roles for her if she gets the Scarpetta role off the ground.

Angelina Jolie in a new science fiction film based on fact isn't the big sell of the story though, it's the fact that it's a Luc Besson written and directed one, perhaps the reason that Jolie is apparently interested in the role in the first place.



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