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Lockout changes name, gains new trailer

Lockout.jpgThe name change for Lockout adds even more confusion to the Guy Pearce starring action film co-written by Luc Besson, James Mather and Stephen St. Leger, directed by Mather and St. Leger, and starring Pearce, Peter Stormare, Maggie Grace, Lennie James, Vincent Regan and Jacky Ido.

Mainly the confusion is that it was starting to look like a remake of Escape From New York and the new title change for American audiences makes that connection even stronger.

The name change adds to the previous name change which simply removed a hyphen from Lock-Out to give us Lockout, but this is a complete name change as we discover that the title will now be MS One: Maximum Security in Europe and Escape From MS One in America, although Lock-Out is still being shown on IMDB.

What concerns me is the need for the name change, and the fact that it has been done after the first trailer was released and the comments were that it bore an uncanny resemblance to Escape from New York, something that the film-makers should surely have seen from the word go.

I meant the plot is a man convicted of a crime and looking at a long time in prison is offered a chance to wipe the slate clean if he goes and rescues the President's daughter who is currently being held in an outer space prison by the inmates.

Sounds very familiar, and what was more is when you saw the footage you were thinking that this was most definitely an Escape From New York remake as Guy Pearce seemed to be playing a slicker Snake.

Well they've acknowledged that connection with the name change, although only in America, but is it an acknowledgement or an attempt to gain more publicity for the film? Who knows, and I hope it's not a plea for more attention because it's not a good one, not with Guy Pearce and Peter Stormare, not forgetting the strong actors Lennie James and Vincent Regan. That sounds a good mix.

Still, co-written Luc Besson action film doesn't propel me towards an excited state, but the trailer does, it had me laughing quite a lot which is rather surprising considering it's an action film. For me it manages to capture that feeling of irreverence and of Snake's attitude in Escape From New York really easily.

I'm suddenly really keen to see it. Here's the trailer through Allocine through First Showing:



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