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New Catch .44 trailer

MalinAkerman.jpgThere's a better flow to the new Catch .44 trailer which is a bit clearer about the story set-up, but even then it's still a little complex to get through in the trailer and it doesn't quite do it.

Mind you with Bruce Willis, Forest Whitaker, Malin Akerman, Brad Dourif, Nikki Reed and Deboroah Ann Woll you should be thinking that the cast is interesting enough to carry the film.

Catch .44 comes from writer and director Aaron Harvey, who has directed The Evil Woods before and is making his writing debut on this film. It seems quite a good cast for such an early film, but the trailer and the blurb suggest bigger things than you might expect.

Mind you, I haven't heard that much about the film, so I wonder how it will be, especially as The Evil Woods really didn't get a lot of praise with a very low IMDB ranking.

Here's the blurb for Catch .44:

Catch .44 tells the story of three friends, Tes, Dawn and Kara who work for an enigmatic, reclusive crime boss, Mel. When Mel sends the girls to intercept a drug deal at a desolate diner, the girls think nothing of it...until a sociopathic killer, a grizzled trucker and a delusional line cook appear and thrust the situation into chaos. A standoff ensues as the mystery of what brought them together slowly starts to unravel - and it quickly becomes apparent that things are not as they seem.

You can see the new trailer over at Apple Trailers in Quicktime high definition, it's certainly got the cast list, but will the film live up to the promises of the trailer?

Right now it only has a limited US release from the 9th of December, so I'm guessing it's heading to other formats soon after.



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