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Oldboy cast changes and grows

CliveOwen.jpgSpike Lee has been busy with his remake of Oldboy, and it looks like this one isn't going to end up falling by the wayside. We heard that Josh Brolin was playing the protagonist of the story and that Colin Firth was being offered the leading role, but it would seem that Firth has turned down the role and now there's a new English actor with the option to take his place.

What's more is that the female lead has been offered to someone, and it does seem as though the remake is powering forward and at this stage it's hard not to see it completed.

We've followed the ups and downs of the idea of a remake since it was first announced and everyone has been leaping up and down over the stories about the production, and however a rocky road it may have seemed to have had to this point, it's not a great deal different to many other films, it's just had more focus on it than others.

Now we have Spike Lee directing the American remake of Park Chan-wook's superb Oldboy (Filmstalker review) and we knew that Josh Brolin was taking one of the leading roles with the excellent Colin Firth set to take the main lead.

However it was reported by Twitch through Filmstalker a little while ago that Colin Firth turned the role down, something which I'm not sure will turn out to be a good or bad decision, it all depends how well the film turns out in the end, and now there's word of an actor to take his place.

I was a little disappointed because I loved Firth so much in Trauma (Filmstalker review) and I always thought he needed to play more psychologically intense roles like this and far less of the likeable romantic roles we often see him typecast in.

However he passed and Twitch through Collider now tell us that Clive Owen has been offered the leading role, which for me instantly changes the feel of the film from if Firth was playing the role. However Spike Lee has worked with the actor before and there is probably a strong connection there that brought out a great performance in the strong Inside Man (Filmstalker review).

Still, considering what I saw in Trauma I was more excited for Firth in the role, but Owen can give great performances too, think also of Closer (Filmstalker review) and you have another intensely personal performance that you don't often see from the actor.

Now there's further news from Twitch on the female lead as news is that Mia Wasikowska has been offered the role.

Now have you noticed something here already? These actors, and counting Firth too even though he passed, are all damn good actors with a wide range of performances to their names, although Wasikowska is younger and has less experience than the male leads that doesn't mean for a second that she isn't delivering strong performances and selecting as wide a range of roles.

This is a really strong cast and it looks like Lee and the production team are going all out to make something special of this remake. Now really is the time to sit up and take notice.



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