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Merry Xmas from Filmstalker

ChristmasTree.jpgWhether you celebrate this time of year or not and whatever reasons you do celebrate it for, can I just wish you and your dearest all the happiness and joy of the season, of health, happiness and fun, and if you are celebrating with family and/or friends tomorrow I do hope that you all have a wonderful time.

If you are celebrating I do hope that there are presents galore for you and that some of them are film related. I also hope that any viewing over the festive period is positive and entertaining and you don't get stuck with rubbish films!

Whatever you're doing, let me just wish you and your loved ones all the best, and if you aren't too busy, why not submit a Top List of anything film related that takes your fancy and see it published on Filmstalker. Have a look at previous years to see some of the variety, and then visit the Filmstalker Reader's Top Tens of 2011: Call for submissions to see the list from last year and how to submit your own. It's easy, you'll get published on Filmstalker and it's a nice bit of free advertising for yourself!

Once you've submitted your list how about sitting down to listen to the Filmstalker Film Club discuss the best Christmas films, and get in a little bit of an argument at the same time, and why not, it's the season to be disagreeable!

Finally, if that's not enough, have a think about the films you could catch in the cinema before the end of the year in order to make your Filmstalker Stalker's Top List obviously! You can read about the list of UK releases for December right here on the Filmstalker films for December 2011, well the decent ones anyway!

Apart from that, enjoy the holidays whaever you do, and remember it's all about friends, family and happiness. Oh, and films!

May you have a happy one.



Sir, merry Christmas back. Now time for a Christmas film!

'Find me those detonators'

And a happy Christmas to you Richard.


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