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Update: Prometheus teaser trailers and new bootleg

Prometheus.jpgThere's a big countdown to tomorrow because the Promestheus trailer is being released on the world, and while we've seen a very grainy and horrible version there's a new bootlegged version out there to tease us some more, and it's much better quality.

However if you don't want to go for that and you want to nab some of Ridley Scott's science fiction return to an almost Alien-like film, then there are a couple of official countdown teasers to the big day tomorrow.

Thursday 22nd December is the big day on Apple trailers when Prometheus appears in all its glory, and I'm sure the world will be watching. In the meantime I have to admit that seeing the teaser footage and the bootlegged trailer, I'm more excited than I ever have been and the doubts are falling off like debris from a falling spaceship.

You can see the teasers over on Apple Trailers or below through TrailerAddict, I'm waiting for one more to appear and I'll drop it in as soon as I have it:

Three days...

Two days...

One day...

There's not a great deal of footage in these, but there's enough to get you excited, and I have to admit that they are managing to do just that, and I feel like the bootlegged trailer is acting as a tease for the main event in itself.

You can see the second cinema copied trailer through QuietEarth, although if you want to remain totally blemish free for the big reveal then do hold on, it's only a day away.

If you had to have a peek, like me, then here it is:

Isn't it looking good? I really can't wait until tomorrow...but I'll have to.



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