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Prometheus trailer analysed

Prometheus.jpgSo the trailer for Ridley Scott's Prometheus has arrived, and even despite the two leaked trailers and plenty of screen shots I'm still totally captivated by it and amazed how much of it looks like and connects with Alien, especially for it not being an Alien prequel.

The trailer looks fantastic, and like I did with the teaser trailers, I've pulled out a bunch of screenshots to discuss. There are some rather interesting ones that still raise even more questions.

You can see the teaser trailer screen grabs right here on Filmstalker along with the teaser trailers and a bootlegged trailer, and in fact I think I might embed those screengrabs again below.

So here are the old ones first:

Those are the old screengrabs from the teasers and the bootleg trailer. However now the full trailer for Prometheus is released does it have anything new to offer? Well perhaps a little. There's certainly a lot of new footage, but does it reveal anything new for us?

I think it does. Here's the slideshow of new images from the full high definition trailer:

Now I don't know if you'll get all that, especially as I've discussed some of the shots in the Filmstalker Flickr image descriptions, so let me grab a couple here.

Prometheus-Smoking Helmet 1

Prometheus-Smoking Helmet

Now it's not a facehugger as there doesn't appear to be anything there other than the smoke, but it's similar and I think perhaps the following is someone post smoking helmet as I'll call it.

Prometheus-Crew Member in Pain

Not pleasant at all. However after that do they change and become disfigured and hostile against other crew members?

Prometheus-Altered Crew Member Attacks

I'm guessing but it looks like this could be the case, and you can see similar shots in the teaser screengrabs where there's even a behind the scenes shot of a stuntman in make-up effects.

Then there's the shot that might be a vessel being opened, you know a vessel from the chamber, look below:

Prometheus-The Vessels

Prometheus-Fassbender Experiments

Now is that Michael Fassbender's character removing a vessel from the chamber, taking it back, opening it and seeing the organic creature within it? Perhaps.

I tell you what though, that is definitely the ship from the Alien films arriving on the planet with a bang.

Prometheus-Alien Ship Explodes

Prometheus-Running from the Crashing Ship

Prometheus-Alien Ship from the Air

Looks fantastic, and that is a huge connection to the Alien films if ever I saw one.

However the big shot for me, over and above seeing a character pull an organic alien creature from a vessel held in a big chamber on an alien vessel, which is Alien connection enough for me, is the shot of the Alien chair.

Prometheus-The Alien Chair and Something Else

Looks very familiar, and look to the right. What's that there? Humanoid yes, but not human, remember the scale of this chair in the first film? Are these are aliens in Prometheus?

Here's the new trailer through TrailerAddict which you can also see on Apple Trailers in Quicktime high definition, and it looks and sounds fantastic.



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