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Sources hype up Thor 2 trouble

Thor.jpgAs always the invisible "sources" are hyping up potential trouble on the production of a film without really any comments from actual people behind them, isn't this the kind of thing that the Levenson enquiry in Britain is looking into?

Well they're out there, and if you believed them you'd probably see that ninety percent of all productions are falling apart with internal battles and people hating each other, which is possibly true in quite the percentage of films, but they do get made and people do work together.

So it is with Thor 2 that scandal is rising over the release of the once director of the project Patty Jenkins and the female star of the film, Natalie Portman.

It seems that Natalie Portman is "furious" in the headline, "deeply unhappy" in the by-line and "deeply upset" in the copy of the story about Marvel studios dropping Patty Jenkins as director of the project in development that is Thor 2.

According to "sources" the star was keen to do the sequel if Patty Jenkins was directing, after all there aren't many female directors at the helm of blockbusters, especially not superhero films, and the take from the director of Monster could have been really interesting, continuing with the precedent that Marvel had set for Thor by hiring the unexpected Kenneth Branagh for Thor 2 fitting in with Thor (Filmstalker review), which turned out to be a genius move.

However it didn't happen and the official "creative differences" was cited. There's speculation in the The Hollywood Reporter story from those "sources", and one which the article claims has first-hand knowledge of the production, says that Marvel was concerned that Jenkins wasn't being decisive enough on the project, something which surprises both them and I'm sure us since there wasn't a script to be decisive about and Marvel have a rewrite in progress with Don Payne.

There is another theory that when Marvel and Jenkins started looking at writers that's when Marvel got nervous about her vision for the film, and that's when they pulled the plug.

Either way the story here is that Natalie Portman was really keen for Jenkins to come on board and now she's off the project Portman is less than impressed, especially as they are now looking at Daniel Minahan or Alan Taylor as potential directors, both from the television series such as Game of Thrones.

Right now though this is all speculation and there's not a comment to back this up, not even an out of context comment led on by an unquoted question, so as usual we just know that Patty Jenkins was to be directing and she's not now.

What we can clearly see though is that we've gone very quickly from a theme of directors for Thor to any director. No offence to Minahan or Taylor, but Branagh was a certain type of director and talent and Jenkins, having delivered Monster, was on a similar theme there, a theme that seems to have been put to the side.

I struggled to see how Thor could work but Branagh made it, with this series and this character I don't think it's going to be the easy ride that other superhero films have faced, and this sequel has a lot more stacked against it than most.

Personally I think they need someone like Patty Jenkins and to take a chance with the sequel, and I don't mean a woman, I mean someone of the awards and heavyweight material of Jenkins calibre.



"...I think they need someone like Patty Jenkins and to take a chance with the sequel, and I don't mean a woman, I mean someone of the awards and heavyweight material of Jenkins calibre."

I agree.
Thank you for posting.


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