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The Dark Knight Rises official trailer

TheDarkKnightRises.jpgThe trailer for The Dark Knight Rises arrived in full high definition glory and I do find it a little flat compared to what I was expecting and what had come before. I do hope that this film is going to be as strong as the previous.

It does promise a good story, not much of which we are shown on screen in this trailer, but it does give us a hint of what is to come from Bane and that he isn't the only one that Bruce Wayne is going to be facing.

One thing I noticed is that Bane is a little easier to understand than he was in the Prologue footage. I have to say many of us didn't catch more than few lines from the character and I fear it's going to be a similar situation with the feature.

Still, the trailer does set-up some powerful moments but succeeds in giving nothing away. Here's the equally un-giving blurb:

Eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, the terrorist leader Bane arrives in Gotham City, pushing it and its police force to their limits, forcing its former hero Batman to resurface after taking the fall for Harvey Dent's crimes.

You can see the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises over at Apple Trailers or below through TrailerAddict.

I don't know, it wasn't the fact that I've seen the bootlegged version already, that's happened so many times to me and yet I've still come out the other side excited by the a new trailer, I don't know what's not right about this one but it is rather flat for me. Considering this is Christopher Nolan I expected more from The Dark Knight Rises trailer.

Strip away the montage of images and get us to what we're told and we see that Selina Kyle is warning Wayne and his rich others that there's going to be an uprising of some kind, which there appears to be, and a terrorist called Bane is somehow involved, hell bent on destroying Gotham and everything that Wayne and Jim Gordon stand for, or rather stood for, because it does suggest that both of them are to be knocked down.

Is Wayne in prison after being revealed as Batman? Is that perhaps a twist of the film where this happens early on for him to rise from and not at the end? Is this perhaps why he's in some kind of prison?

I wonder if it's because there are too many loose connections in the trailer and I'm not really getting a feel for how the story is going to go? In one way that's better though isn't it? Saves all the excitement for the big screen.



Well the trailer doesn't give half of the movie away and manages to set the tone quite efficiently so its a thumbs up for me.

If there's one movie for which I don't want anything spoiled in advance, its this one. I didn't even watch the prologue so as to keep everything completely fresh when I finally watch it.


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