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The Darkest Hour theatrical trailer

TheDarkestHour.jpgThis isn't quite the trailer that I just saw in the cinema last weekend, but it is close. I suspect this isn't the European theatrical trailer rather the American one as this concentrates on action and heavy, fast cutting. What? I'm just saying the facts!

The one I've seen in UK cinemas has been a bit slower, more of a build up and telling of the facts of the film and less of Emile Hirsch being portrayed as the main star. I think that one works better than this one.

I think the UK trailer for The Darkest Hour is the one that sold me on wanting to see the film. The effects are great, the idea interesting and it looks well made, above all the story looks like it's going to be exciting and thrilling.

For this version of the trailer I'm not so sure, I still feel the same things as I've already seen the UK released one, but without it I might be tempted to consider this as another alien invasion action film, and it may turn out to be that way but not so much from the trailer I saw.

Here's the new trailer from TrailerAddict for The Darkest Hour which you can see over at Apple Trailers:

Of course I'm still going to see the 2D version.



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