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The Grey theatrical trailer

TheGrey.jpgI think this is the trailer for The Grey that I saw in the cinema this weekend passed, and I remember watching it and being thankful that there was more to it than the wolves which we'd seen previously, something that I thought made the film feel a little fanciful.

Now, with this new trailer giving us more of the background, I think this is looking a much more rounded thriller of survival which is going to include some cracking man versus nature and beast action sequences.

I'm looking forward to see what Joe Carnahan can deliver from this thriller, and what Liam Neeson is going to bring, an actor who is surprisingly become known for action roles in the past years of his career, and he's damn good at them too.

Here's the blurb for The Grey which comes with the new trailer:

The Liam Neeson-starring thriller The Grey is due out January 27 from Open Road Films and centers on an expert in survival skills whose plane crashes in the arctic wild. He must lead a group of survivors to safety while fighting off some bad doggies. So is it the winter weather that's finally upon us or director Joe Carnahan's action scenes that are responsible for the shivers we get when watching this?

Now here's the trailer itself through Deadline:

I like this a lot more than the previous trailers, the extra scenes of character development and plane crash add quite a bit more depth to the trailer, and to the potential of the film.



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