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Carrie remake looks to female director

Carrie.jpgThe remake of Carrie is still going ahead, some will think unfortunately, some will be excited. I have a foot in both camps as the original film was superb and I still like it to this day, but there's a lot of scope for a remake to make the main character more relevant and more identifiable.

The main scope of the remake seems to be to make it closer to the Stephen King original novel, something that Hollywood has realised is a good thing, faithful remakes of his work will attract more audience, and have certainly been attracting more positive commentary when it's been discussed for other works.

It seems that the new script for Carrie is much more faithful to the Stephen King book thanks to Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa who has written the television series Big Love and an episode of Glee, oh and he's also worked on the Broadway show Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. There's not a lot said about the script other than it is more faithful to the original text, something that King fans will be happy about, but it's the potential director that is the most interesting part of the news.

Along with the story of the writer and script comes the news from Deadline that Kimberly Pierce is currently being talked to for the role of director of the remake of Carrie. She previously wrote and directed Boys Don't Cry, the film which saw Hilary Swank in the lead winning an Oscar for her performance, and the film Stop-Loss.

The article does suggest that the addition of Pierce would be to make the story more grounded, although it's hard to see how a teenager with telekinetic powers can be more grounded, and the original wasn't wildly out of this world as it was, it would need a little work to bring it back from the home life side of the story but not much more, after all it was more psychological thriller than anything else with a huge focus on the aspect of a teenage girl turning into a young woman and the problems she faces.

I wonder what she will bring to the story as a female director telling the story of Carrie, and considering what she did with Boys Don't Cry and how she managed to connect us with that character and material, she could really do the same for Carrie.

However I still don't see how much there is to remake for Carrie. How much is there to make different from the original Brian De Palma version of Carrie? How far removed is it from the original text? As far as I remember the book the film is a pretty good version of the story.

Plus, and I know this is being said time and time again but it always needs repeating, what about original King stories like The Dark Tower or The Talisman, or anything he's written that's less fantastical that hasn't been turned into a film yet?

Does Carrie really need a remake?



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