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First five minutes of Haywire online

Haywire.jpgI would have thought it's quite a risk to take an unknown actor and cast them as a lead in your film, and even more of a risk to then show a five minute preview of the film to anyone on the Internet that has a good portion of them acting in it.

However I think it's paid off and there are nothing but positives to come out of the five minute footage being shown for Haywire and Gina Carano's performance.

The five minute footage for Haywire tells us a number of things about the film, and they are things that I hope are true for the rest of the film. The first and most important for me is the action, because this is an action thriller casting a real fighting star in the lead so there has to be something special about it.

What we see at the end of this sequence is a fight scene that feels and looks real, with cameras pulled back from the action and a serious lack of blocking of the fight - that's where the stunt team and director, or assistant director, break down a fight sequence into short, filmable sections, film each small part, with a hefty reliance on close up shots to hide stuntmen, and then edit it together so that it looks a lot more frantic and dangerous than it really was. In effect they completely sanitise the action on set and then create it in the editing room.

Here the action looks like the action is real, impactful, and flows naturally. What's best about it is that the camera has been pulled right back to show all the action, and before I forget to mention, the actors look like they're in the fight. I tell you if this is true all the way through the film then it's going to be excellent on the action front.

Then there's the pace and feel of the clip. There's a fair amount of build up, taking time, and giving us enough information that we need to know for the moment, feeling as though we're going along with the character as they decide things. It's a short clip to make the judgement for the entire film, but again if it does this throughout then we're looking at a strong thriller too.

Finally there's Gina Carano in the lead, I had heard that she had worked extra hard on perfecting a natural acting style and it does feel as though she's doing really well in this clip. Again, another box ticked for the film.

It could have gone horribly wrong, the clip could have revealed bad acting, poor action as the real actors struggle to keep up with Carano and they have to be blocked out, and everything else harming the thriller aspect. Not so. Haywire looks really good.

Here's the first five minutes from Hulu, and for a change you can view it outside of America, enjoy.



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