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Hollywood Millennium trilogy will continue

FinchersDragonTattoo.jpgThe Hollywood remakes of the Millennium trilogy, which have begun with David Fincher's version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, are set to continue it would seem, despite the fact they weren't number one in the box offices across the world. While some people can't seem to understand why that would mean a studio would go ahead with the films I can't see why they wouldn't, and in a way I think it shows hope for Hollywood.

If studios were to continually make films that just went for the number one slot of box offices what would we end up with? Where would the quality go? Why doesn't the rest of the series deserve to be remade as well?

Oh I know some of you will be saying that the studios have to chase the profit and make money, of course they do, and that money can be earned just as easily from box office slots from second downwards. Sure it doesn't make as much as the number one slot, but we're talking about the first four days out of the earning life of a film, and in the UK The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was third in the box office for its debut, third. Come on now that's not a sign to scrap the series is it?

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was released in the UK on the 26th of December, that's Boxing Day, not a typical cinema going day in the UK, but despite that I saw the film on the 6th of January, a week after opening, a time period that doesn't interest the media who are focused on that important opening weekend. Not only did I go a full week and four days after the film opened but I went to see it on a Friday night, a typical cinema night, and in a multiplex of umpteen screens where it was showing on just one.

The cinema was packed. I mean totally packed. We had two couples walk in and couldn't find a seat and had to leave. Now you tell me that it's not doing well. Focus on those three or four opening days and then tell me that a packed cinema that amount of time after the film was released isn't important.

I think you'll find that the film is doing pretty damn well in the UK, and perhaps figures for after the opening weekend are a lot better than expected, and maybe that's a reason why the studio are continuing with the trilogy.

Deadline have a comment from Sony Pictures that they expect the film to earn something like US $300 million globally. That's not a bad figure, why they are so focused on the first four days when a film is going to earn that at the end of its cinema run I don't know.

Another reason that the sequels will go ahead is that the studio have invested in them already. They've got the Steve Zaillian script in their hands for the second film The Girl Who Played with Fire, and he's writing the third as we speak, The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets' Nest.

Perhaps there's also the reason that the original second film isn't that strong and there's much more room for improvement and positive critical responses. That and they've, according to the article, rewritten the script to place the Lisbeth Salander character right at the centre of the film.

I really didn't believe there was any doubt that the sequels would get made. Even though I feel that the remake gained only cosmetically over the original and there were places where the original remains stronger, the quality and talent involved in the film meant that audiences who had not seen the originals would want to see more.

There's also another upside to all of this, the fact that a film that hits the MPAA rating that studios seem to want to avoid like the plague has been successful. Usually it would seem they would prefer to cut a film apart to drop into the teen-friendly rating than to take the chance on an adult audience going to see a film. I think The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo might have proved them wrong.

It also means that the remaining films can be made with the same adult focus as the original.



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